What Is Summer Formal Attire For A Wedding

You can easily understand what is summer formal attire for a wedding with the two keywords: formal and summer. However, the two do not make sense since formal wear is usually more comfortable for colder weather. 

We’ll help you know how to stay cool at a summer wedding with a formal dress code below. And to give you a general idea of what to wear for this seasonal wedding, you can also read what to wear to a summer wedding

what is summer formal attire for a wedding


What Is Summer Formal Attire For A Wedding Explained


Summer formal wedding attire women

Women’s formal attire for a summer wedding is not limited to dresses. Depending on the time and venue of the summer wedding, you might feel more comfortable in a dressy jumpsuit made of breathable fabrics and light colors. 

A stylish off-shoulder jumpsuit that’s wide at the legs and paired with the right accessories will look appropriate for a summer formal wedding. Don’t forget to select light colors for a morning or afternoon summer wedding. 

But if you prefer to wear a dress, florals can be appropriate since it’s a summer wedding. But of course, it will look formal if it’s a maxi or midi dress paired with heels and a nice clutch. 


Summer formal wedding attire men

What about the summer wedding attire for men? Formal weddings call for suits or tuxedos, especially for formal affairs like a black-tie wedding. 

Therefore, male guests can never go wrong with a tailored suit for a formal summer wedding. But since it’s summer, you must select light fabrics and colors to remain cool at the wedding. 

You can also ask someone from the wedding party if ties are required, but usually, they’d be since ties add formality to the male attire. It’s also best to wear dress shoes even if it’s tempting to wear sandals for a hot wedding. 


What Is Considered Summer Formal?

Suits, tuxedos, long dresses, and dressy jumpsuits are attire ideas that are considered suitable for summer formal weddings. Black tie and formal summer weddings mean you must still look formal with some adjustments to keep cool at the hot wedding. 

Formal summer weddings also usually happen indoors or in the evening so it wouldn’t be too hot at the wedding. But to be sure, you can always pick light colors and breathable fabrics to remain comfortable while following the formal dress code. 

Women can also be strategic when picking their formal outfits. For example, choose hemlines and shoulder cuts to help your attire be breathable for the hot weather. 

Male wedding guests can read what should men wear to a summer wedding for specific outfit ideas. 


What Kind Of Suit Do You Wear To A Summer Wedding?

Suits are ideal for formal summer weddings. However, the key to keeping a comfortable summer wedding outfit is to pick suits that are ideal for the hot weather. 


Suit fabric

The best suits to wear to a summer wedding are made from materials that can beat the heat without sacrificing your dapper look. Opt for suits made from cotton, linen, seersucker, worsted, or even fresco when attending a summer wedding, especially formal ones. 


Suit color

While dark colors like gray, black, and navy, are ideal for formal weddings, summer formal attire for men can include light-toned suits for comfort and style. It’s also summer, so have fun choosing your wardrobe and opt for pastel hues on your suit. 


Suit style 

The suit’s style can also affect your comfort at a summer wedding. For example, if you’re wearing a tuxedo, opt for satin lapels and piping than velvet to keep cool. 

You can also try a two-piece and a three-piece suit to compare which would feel more comfortable. And if you want a more eye-catching ensemble, especially as a summer wedding groom, consider a double-breasted suit since it creates a broader chest. 


Do You Have To Wear A Suit To A Summer Wedding?

If the invitation indicates formal summer attire, you must wear a suit to a summer wedding. Some couples still want formal attire for their summer weddings, so male guests should wear suits to follow the dress code. 

But for semi-formal or dressy casual summer weddings, you can get away with a lighter jacket or a buttoned shirt with dress pants instead. Select soft colors and lightweight fabrics, especially for a hot summer wedding. 


Do You Have To Wear A Jacket To A Summer Wedding?

You might need to wear a jacket to a summer wedding, especially if it’s formal or semi-formal. However, you can always select light fabrics and colors to keep cool. 

But for some laidback weddings with casual dress codes, you can get away with a nice polo or a buttoned shirt folded three-fourths. Ultimately, check the invitation, time, and venue of the wedding to create the ideal summer wedding attire.  


Can You Wear Sandals To A Formal Wedding?

It’s best to wear closed shoes to a formal wedding, even a summer one. But for beach weddings, it might be possible for guests to wear sandals or even go barefoot, depending on what’s indicated on the wedding website. 



And that’s it! To explain what is summer formal attire for a wedding, guests should wear formal outfits like suits and long dresses or formal pants but in summer-friendly colors and fabrics for comfort. 

Men still need suits, and women can opt for long dresses or dressy jumpsuits. But, overall, avoid casual attire, even if it’s a summer wedding, since the dress code is formal. 

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