What Is SR22 Insurance Utah? Learn All The Important Facts Here!

Do you know what is SR22 insurance Utah? It is a necessity if motorists violate the financial responsibility law of the state. That’s when drivers are required to show proof of their auto insurance. The insurance agent will file the form with the Department of Motor Vehicles of Utah, and this is done if you have lost your license.

If you’re a high-risk driver, you will need this insurance. It’s needed the most if you have been arrested because of reckless driving multiple times.

what is sr22 insurance utah

The same is true if you have been charged with driving under the influence of alcohol.  And if your license is revoked or suspended already yet, you’re still driving a vehicle. Below are the most common FAQs and their answers to completely understand what is SR22 insurance Utah. So, here we go!


SR22 Insurance In Utah;  Three Types Of Certificates Available

What is SR22 insurance Utah? SR22 Insurance in Utah is the same as conventional car insurance. The exception is only with the certificate. Its form enables motorists to apply for the license reinstatement despite losing their driving privileges.  The filing of the form will continue with the DMV. So, here are the three SR22 certificate types available.

  • Owner’s certificate: aims to protect drivers who operate their cars
  • Operator’s certificate: this covers the motorists who drive vehicles they do not own
  • Operator’s owner’s certificate: mainly covers the financial responsibility despite who is driving the automobile.

You might ask, how long is it needed? The answer to this question depends upon someone’s conviction. Usually, the SR22 certificate will be valid for three years, which is the usual duration. But any lapse in the coverage can result in even more extended periods.


What Is The Cost Of The Insurance?

Its rate is often greater than the standard car insurance plan. Its coverage is only often linked with risky motorists. Its quotes are obtained by drivers who discuss their needs with their auto insurance provider. In case of any dissatisfaction, it’s better to shop around for more quotes available. Different insurance agents can be found around. Nonetheless, the filing for the certificate results in paying a small fee but take note that it differs depending on the insurance company.

On the other hand, you’ll be required to buy auto liability coverage, that’s if the SR22 does not meet the requirements of the Financial Responsibility Law. You’ll also be responsible for paying the reinstatement fees of the DMV. That is apart from the liability insurance costs and filing fees.

As for the fee charged for filing it, it ranges between twenty dollars to fifty dollars. It depends upon the company you turn to. It’s not just the filing fee that’s expensive but also about the higher premiums.


What Are The Penalties If You Don’t Get This Insurance?

Not deciding to get SR22 insurance Utah won’t enable enjoying your driving privilege again. That is until your license suspension has finally ended.

Better to complete the filing process of the SR22 form with your insurance company. That’s the time you’ll be allowed to purchase the standard policy for liability. Also, include reinstating the driving credentials you have with the DMV. On the other hand, you might also want to rent in Utah, so read this one: How much is renter’s insurance in Utah?


What Are The Consequences Of Not Purchasing This Insurance?

Purchase this insurance for the duration of their driver’s license suspension. The insurance will continue for three years upon the court’s order of license suspension of 3 years, too. That is particularly true for DUI arrests. Of course, this is the case if the motorist does not reinstate his driving privileges. But if the insurance is allowed to lapse, it will thus face another license revocation or suspension. The SR 22 insurance quote can also avoid consequences.


What If You Just Let Your SR22 Lapse?

License suspension is the result of a lapse in SR22 certification. Renewal of the policy is needed in this case. It would be best to reinstate the license. Payment for court fees and reinstatement fees also is required. The insurance provider will be the one to notify the state. That is true if the policy has been canceled already for a reason. Failure to renew and missed payments can cause a lapse.


What If You’re From Another State?

Maintain your SR-22 when driving in the state of Utah, even if it’s obtained in another state. It’s already sufficient while staying in this place. But, it’s good to verify the coverage with the insurer and the DMV. If you have no car or license, filing an SR-22 is still required in this case. Better to purchase a non-owner type of auto insurance. File the SR-22 before the license is reinstated.


What If You No Longer Need Its Coverage?

Your SR-22 insurance will serve as a certificate showing that you are financially responsible for your automobile. Now, for the question “What if I no longer need it?” it would be best to call the DMV in your local area. Also, include your insurer. This one is before you make any changes in the policy. Find out if your mandate is completely cleared. Consider a few steps in this case.


The Bottom Line

The following questions have been answered already on what is SR22 insurance Utah. It’s now your responsibility to maintain the insurance. Talk to your insurance agent if things are still not clear on those responsibilities. Keep ahead of the curve. That is to minimize the additional costs best. And thus, the likelihood of getting one more suspension is lessened. Regardless, learn more about car insurance by reading this related topic on “How to find my car insurance policy number?

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