What Is Pillow Mist? 4 Best Uses; Facts You Must Know!

Beauty sleep is a thing, and what is pillow mist have to do with it will make you want to buy one.

As we sleep, our bodies quickly switch to “repair mode,” where our skin and cells’ regeneration and protection processes occur.

what is pillow mist

During this time, our skin fixes itself from UV- related damages, and our cell damage reverses; also, collagen production rises, which improves our skin’s complexion.

So, you can say that sleeping more enhances our beauty, but not only that as it also help our bodies to function better.

It boosts our mood and enhances our mind, helping us to concentrate better. So, if you’re having a hard time falling asleep, a pillow mist would be the solution.

Read on to know-how.


What Pillow Mist Is, What’s That?

What is pillow mist?

I find myself having a hard time sleeping. It would take me hours to rest, and I wake up feeling restless and looking horrible!

As I have said, rest helps our body function better and look good. So, you want to sleep early and have it at least 8 hours as recommended by experts.

That’s why I looked for solutions to make me sleep faster.

I tried to sleep early, lessen my screen time, and rub essential oils on my forehead, but I would still wake up and scroll down my socials to make me fall asleep.

Thankfully, I learned about pillow mist, and I would spray it every night, which helps me sleep better.

Pillow mists, made with essential oils, are water-based that promote a good night’s sleep by relaxing your muscles and calming your mind, reducing anxiety, and improving your sleep quality.

We can all agree that essential oils help boost our mood, increase our energy, and even ease the pain in our body.

And most oils have a soothing and calming effect that will make our minds and bodies relax, making us sleep better.

Moreover, certain studies prove that using pillow mist oils such as vanilla, lavender, and chamomile have pro-sleep effects.

If you want to soothe your stress o ease your anxiety, spray ylang-ylang or sandalwood on your pillow.

One spray will make your room smell like a spa! Its beneficial components are worth a try.

So, aromatherapy might be what you need to doze off.

Now that you know what a pillow mist is, you’d want to learn more about this fantastic product; keep on reading!


How Can Pillow Mist Help Me Sleep?

Who wouldn’t feel relaxed if your room smells like lavenders and daisies?

Aromatherapy helps you sleep better, as scientists refer to it as “mood alteration.”

So, spraying pillow mist filled with essential oils surely applies for aromatherapy benefits, helping you fall asleep.

Research conducted by the University Of Maryland Medical Center, lavender scent can help your sleeping issues.

As it slows down your nervous system activities, regulates your mood, reduces anxiety, and promotes better concentration, allowing your sleep quality to improve.

But aromatherapy’s benefits don’t stop there, just making you fall asleep; some people would spritz in the air of essential oils to the linens that help them be in a good mood.

The American College of Healthcare Sciences observed that bergamot would help you boost your mood, and for clarity and contentedness, you could use clary sage.

Essential oils have lots of benefits, not only helping us enjoy our stay in dreamland.

Some people use it to keep themselves calm, concentrated, or relax and ease their mood after a hard day.

Regardless, pillow mist will help you sleep better thanks to the essential oils that help our body feel relaxed.

The fragrances create a calming atmosphere in our room that will surely keep your mind from wandering off, keeping you awake.


Benefits Of Using Pillow Mist

This article tells us the benefits of pillow mist.

Regardless, you want to familiarize yourself with its benefits, so you can choose which one’s the best for you.

#1. It’s a natural remedy that will help you fall asleep faster

#2. The spray, filled with essential oils and fragrance, soothes your body, making you feel relaxed and calm

#3. It clears your mind, promoting good quality sleep

#4. The essential oils also have sedative effects, meaning it will help you ease your anxiety and stress

With our current situation, I understand if you’re struggling with your sleeping schedule because I, too, can relate!

The pandemic disrupted our daily living; our work doubled as we tend to our responsibilities inside our home. No doubt that everyone is becoming tiresome.

Yet, what I find amazing is that we start to take care of ourselves more; of course, we have to keep healthy.

People start to invest in their self-care more, which is excellent; I mean, you deserve it after a tiring day.

No matter what it is, sleep would still be the primary form of self-care; with all its benefits you surely don’t want to miss, you might as well consider using pillow mist to help you fall asleep.



It would be best to prioritize sleep because it’s vital to our body to repair itself from damages and do its job, which only happens when you sleep.

So, what is pillow mist?

A bottle filled with essential oils is what a pillow mist is, which will help you sleep.

Regardless, I hope you learned from this article; thanks for stopping by!