What Is Pedestal Washer? 4 Awesome Things To Remember!

Are you wondering what is pedestal washer? A pedestal washer is a part of home laundry equipment that raises the level of a washer or dryer, making it much easier to lift heavy objects clothing. Pedestals have different heights and shapes and are meant to fit below washing machines.

The majority of pedestals are physically connected to dryers and washing machines that they support. In many cases, they are connected to the washers by a professional, but you can also install them at your home by yourself.

So yes, my friends, it’s all correct about it. But there is also more information about washer pedestals, their functions, and from which material they are made of. If you learn all about the washer pedestal, please read this topic at the end!


What A Pedestal Washer Is?

The Front-load washing machine pedestals increase the height of your front-load washers up to 10-15 inches, minimizing the availability of twisting and bowing that you require to unload and load the laundry items. Pedestals are exclusively suggested for front-load washing machines. It’s always better to put the top-load washer on a pedestal, and it will be more challenging to unload or load your clothing. On a top-load washing machine, you can easily and quickly touch the base of the washer drum. 


Is Washer Pedestal Is Good For Laundry Room?

Suppose you are going to install the washer pedestal. In that case, you must remember that you have to provide extra space to your washer room without filling up any more storage space by installing laundry pedestals below the washers. You’ll be able to build pedestals as long as your laundry room has sufficient empty area above your troops. Here we discussed why washers’ pedestal is necessary for laundry and how to fit them in your laundry room.


#1. Using front load washer

With the help of laundry them Pedestals, your front load washing machines can be raised to 16 inches, making the washing process more accessible. With these pedestals, you can easily and quickly fill your washer, move the clothes, and extract the clothing from the washer without bending. Also, read about how to replace the rubber seal on the front load washer.


#2. Shortage of space

Pedestal washers are also very effective in case when you are facing a low space problem. So if your laundry room has very little space, the washer pedestal can be fit here easily. Because the washer pedestal is installed below the washers and does not take any extra space. You can put the detergents, softeners, bleaches, and another washing cleaner in them. For a nice and clean appearance, pedestals are best for keeping little products, including laundry soap,  detergent, dryer sheets, and liquid fabric softener, arranged and usually hidden on a pedestal that is suitable for your washing machines.


Things To Remember Before Buying A Washer Pedestal

Now you know what is pedestal washers. It’s time to know what to consider when buying one for yourself, here are the following:


#1. Size

Keep in mind your washer is supported by the laundry pedestals. It’s preferable to go with brand slike your washer and check if a comparable pedestal is available. If a suitable brand is not available, double-check each product’s measurements to ensure they match. Check the weight of the laundry pedestal versus the weight washing machine you are using.


#2. Height

Ascertain that the washer pedestals raise your top load washer to a higher and suitable level for you and anybody else handling washing in your laundry room. Keep in mind that your laundry room has sufficient clear extra space on the top of the washer with the pedestal placed to verify that the overall height installed does not affect the above drawers, shelves, or whatever else. Maytag has 10.0-inch and a couple of 15.50-inch laundry pedestals to choose from, so you can find the perfect match.


#3. Color 

To create a unified aesthetic, make your that your front load and top load washer are the perfect matches in finish and color with your laundry pedestals. The washing machines pedestal has a range of different colors, and you can easily match the pedestal to your washing machines. For example, the laundry pedestal has black, silver-grey, and white metallic colors.


#4. Cost

Washing machine pedestals that are simply higher platforms will be less expensive. However, the added conveniences of a cabinet box or drawers will increase the price somewhat, and the laundry pedestal for washers is already on the maximum range of the pricing spectrum. You may also want to read about how much is Whirlpool Cabrio washer and dryer and how much should I sell my washer and dryer for.


Is Pedestal Washer Necessary For Best Top Load Washer

Not all washers are compatible with laundry pedestals. The most excellent top-load washers are built to make your laundry clean in a more manageable way. Because you approach your washer at the upper of machines, you don’t have to lean or stoop as much. Increasing a few inches to the length of your top-loader may probably make the procedure more complex and make the washing process difficult and time-consuming.


It’s A Wrap!

We hope that reading this article is not difficult for you and you will understand all the points just in one go. We are happy that you know what is pedestal washer, its function and which type of pedestal is suitable for your washers. Thank you for sticking with this article at the end! You may also want to read about washing machine buying tips

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