What Is Master Policy In Health Insurance? 8 Surprising Illnesses Covered!

Are you wondering what is master policy in health insurance? When we say a master policy, it is a health insurance contract issued for a particular policyholder, a combination of various policies.

In essence, a master policy combines different health insurance policies into one rather than issuing separate policies for every operation or location. Therefore, you can use a master policy for various situations.

what is master policy in health insurance

For instance, the business employer or owner may purchase a master policy to provide health insurance to their employees. You may also use a master policy to provide coverage for subcontractors, subsidiaries, or any other party, which the insured agreed voluntarily to ensure. So, what is master policy in health insurance?


What Is Master Policy In Health Insurance

This is a contract that an insurance agency issues to a group or individual for their healthcare coverage. The individual to whom the health insurance policy is being issued is responsible for paying for the premiums, either a payroll deduction or direct payment to the insurance company.

In most cases, the health insurance does not only apply to the policyholder but will also provide coverage for any dependent family member of the policyholder in exchange for a higher premium.


Common Illnesses Covered By A Health Insurance

The type of diseases that health insurance usually covers will depend on the type of policy chosen by an individual. But most often than not, health insurance will generally cover the medical conditions below:


#1. Accident-related

The treatment for any injury that is caused by accident can be covered by health insurance. An accident is a medical emergency that is requiring immediate hospitalization.

As such, any expenses incurred during hospitalization shall be covered by a health insurance policy. However, this is subjected to the terms and conditions that come with the insurance plan.

Furthermore, a cashless health insurance policy is a common feature with some policies wherein an insured individual may avail an immediate treatment at many hospitals that belong to the insurance company’s network.


#2. Cancer

It is said that the advancements in the medical field are bringing new hope to many people. For instance, cancer patients may recover from their deadly disease for as long as they get timely treatment. However, the cost of treatment can rise steeply. Luckily, health insurance policies may cover the expenses of cancer treatment. Whether it is radiotherapy, chemo, medication, or hospitalization, a policyholder may acquire full coverage.


#3. COVID-19

The coronavirus battle is still ongoing. But, with health insurance and vaccination, you can get yourself protected. A lot of health insurance policies offer coverage for the treatment of coronavirus. In addition, you may further upgrade your policy coverage by acquiring add-ons which include masks, gloves, home quarantine expenses, medicines, hospitalization, among others.

Having extensive insurance policy coverage, you will be able to keep your family safe from this deadly virus.


#4. High BMI, high BP, and diabetes

Some diseases such as high BMI, diabetes, and high BP are requiring prolonged treatment. This will create a financial burden on many people. That is why health insurance policies are available to provide families with a financial cushion. The policy will cover the treatment expenses for any ailments related to the aforementioned diseases and any direct complications that resulted from it. Thus, people with high BMI, high BP, or diabetes as their pre-existing medication conditions will get the coverage after a complete 2-year waiting period.


#5. Heart diseases

The most important organ of the body is the heart. With that being said, everyone should have it checked regularly. Various insurance policies are offered for heart patients. This will cover various cardiac problems and any pre-existing or related illnesses. So you can be covered for your annual check-ups.



Health insurance policies can cover life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. And this brings huge relief for many people. In addition, the policy will cover their treatment and hospitalization expenses – from ambulance to domiciliary hospitalization to daycare treatment.


#7. Critical illnesses

Many lifestyle diseases may take a toll on our health due to our high alcohol intake, poor eating habits, work stress, sedentary lifestyle, etc. If any of this critical illness insurance will not get timely treatment, it may be fatal.


#8. Specific diseases

In general, any health insurance policy includes a 30-day waiting period starting from the issuance date of the policy. However, some diseases like hernia, cataract, ligament repair, joint replacement, spinal disorder, gout, and arthritis, would require a 24-month waiting period. Therefore, the health insurance policy will cover any above-mentioned ailments, but the policyholder may also file a claim once the waiting period is completed.


It’s A Wrap!

What is master policy in health insurance? The quick answer is the combination of several policies in one policy. First, remember that medical inflation continuously rises, so it can be tough to get or afford treatment, or acquiring health insurance is important. It’s easier to avail of insurance nowadays, especially with the existence of the internet, cashless health insurances are now possible.

We are lucky that the insurance company can provide comprehensive coverage to health insurance policyholders to live healthier lives to get the best medical facility available when needed. Want to read more articles? Click here on what is an integrated fridge. Thanks for reading!

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