What Is Lonox Water Heater? 4 Awesome Benefits!

What is Lonox water heater? It is a device that emits a lower nitrogen oxide level than a conventional gas water heater.

Some municipalities and states require a limit on the maximum quantity of NOx emitted by the gas water heaters. The same is valid for specific countries like Utah and California.

What is Lonox water heater

Consider the EPA regulations in your state as they may demand the purchase of the device suitable for your facility. Manufacturers make thermal fluid heaters with 9 PPM NOx levels and less than 50 PPM Co. Now you’ll want to know the benefits of Lonox water heaters. Let us discuss more on this below. Keep reading!


What Is A Lonox Water Heater?

The use of flue gas recirculation helps attain the lowest NOx level. The more significant duct surface area enables the gas to give up the heat with the recirculation duct installation towards the burner’s opposite end. That itself allows the less formation of NO. Burner models are also available, achieving 9 PPM NOx with no flue gas duct suitable for those needing it.


Benefits Of A Lonox Water Heater

Below are the top benefits when you purchase this device for the facility.


#1. It is safer for employees

According to the EPA statement, nitrogen oxide exposure contributes to respiratory issues such as asthma. The installation helps potentially prevent damage to employees’ lungs.


#2. Is environmentally friendly

The NOx and NO2 release interact with chemicals found in the atmosphere that harm the environment. In this case, the EPA released a statement linking NOx emissions’ contribution to smog, acid rain, smog, and global warming. The use of a Lonox water heater helps reduce NO2 atmosphere pollution.


#3. Is more efficient

The water heater type is designed with space between the coil tubes and the winding coil technology. It then renders about 10% to 15% proven efficient compared to a hot oil heater featuring helical coils.


#4. Controls fuel

What is Lonox water heater? This product intends to control fuel and air mixing at every burner, creating larger and branched flames. The peak flame temperature reduces with less NOx forming throughout the process. The already developed NOx holds hydrocarbon interaction.


Why Use A Lonox Water Heater In A Facility Or Plant?

This water heater type is worth your investment as you want to increase the heater’s efficiency and safety in the facility. This is based on an expert opinion to arrive at a well-informed decision, deciding whether it is ideal for your plant or not. If you want it added as a resource for you as a plant manager, this is a good choice.


Lonox VS Ultra Lonox Water Heater

The difference between Ultra Lonox and Lonox water heater goes by the regulations and standards of the local EPA, following the heating equipment type. The Lonox reduces the NOx emission to about 30pm, while the Ultralonox water heater emission is from 7 to 15 ppm. You may also be interested to know about Ultra Lonox burner for boiler and process heater.


What Is NOx?

What does “NOx” mean? It is called nitrogen oxides with greenhouse gas types proven to harm the atmosphere. The gas from the burnt fuel is emitted at high heat, like an industrial hot oil heater. The dangerous gas is nitrogen dioxide as the burnt fuel by-product. As mentioned, the EPA has set standards that control the NO2 means. NOx is a brown and harmful gas that releases into the environment. In this sense, the EPA pushed forth regulations limiting the NOx form exposure, the NO2 or nitrogen dioxide. Low water quality and respiratory issues occur from NOx exposure.


Understanding the NOx gases and the NOx emission

The nitrogen oxides or NOx are poisonous from oxygen and nitrogen combustion under high temperatures and pressure. The NOx has nitric oxide with a small percentage of NO2. Nonetheless, NOx is produced from oxygen and nitrogen gas reactions in the air in the combustion process, particularly in high temperatures. In high traffic due to motor vehicles like in huge cities, the nitrogen oxide quantity emitted from the atmosphere can be substantial.


The reduction of NOx

The reduction of NOx is possible using different methods like fuel nozzle modification, retard injection, direct water injection, change in the compression ratio, exhaust gas recirculation, and selective catalytic reduction.


Lonox furnace and the reduction of NOx

The Nox is a term referring to both nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide. The product reduces the amount of nitrogen dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions.


It’s A Wrap!

Now you have an understanding already of “what is Lonox water heater?” It is different from the ultra water heater type. It brings many benefits to users, such as it is environmentally friendly, safer for employees to use, and is more efficient as a device. Indeed, it is fantastic to reduce the NOx, which you may want to purchase right away today! Plus, you’ve learned other info too about NOx, its reduction, Lonox versus Ultra Lonox water heater. Decide as well if you want to place the Lonox water heater in your facility or plant.

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