What Is Group Personal Excess Liability Insurance

What is group personal excess liability insurance? Well, this article is just for you because it will provide you with all the additional details you need to know about excess liability. We will talk about how and when excess liability will take place and what service it can provide.

This article will show you why this type of insurance is one of the best to consider when signing up for personal or family insurances. It is better to branch out rather than stay with one kind of insurance or insurance company. Most people would consider multiple insurances for the best coverage of this unpredictable life. Keep on reading; you will indeed have a different view on how to keep you and your family insured!

what is group personal excess liability insurance


What Is This Insurance For?

Group personal excess liability insurance is, as the name implies, it is insurance for additional liability. This insurance is basically private insurance, but it covers your underlying policies, employee policy, auto policy, and much more. With that said, when inquiring for an excess liability policy, one must already provide the current underlying policies; once that’s provided, you will need to name your price.

In further explanation, this liability is additional protection for unexpected lawsuits or accidents that your other current policies are limited to covering.

Indeed, I may have informed you that no one kind of insurance can cover up all sorts of risks for an individual or a family. That is why it is considered a completely different group of liabilities that you need to provide an entirely different kind of insurance. So, what is group personal excess liability insurance?


Why Do I Need Excess Liability?

Not convinced that excess liability can be of much use? With these few reasons, we will surely change your mind about it. Here are some instances in which excess liability comes into play.


Reason #1. Protects home

Even at home, you can be at risk for liability. For example, if you become liable for someone’s injuries on your property, may it be your cracked sidewalk making someone fall, a branch from your garden that was too low, or your pet launching an attack at someone, all of these could fall under your liability, and that is where this insurance comes in handy?


Reason #2. Protects your online image

Even cyber slander can be considered as excess liability. Despite it being rampant nowadays and even regarded as normal or a rite of passage for the younger generations, these could have severe consequences and damage one’s image. It won’t only cause emotional damage, but whatever the victim is building up online or in their personal life can be highly hindered by this setback.

This is especially dangerous for those who run an online business or some influencers who have dedicated their life’s work to build up their reputation for some long-time plan in their future. Therefore, accusations should not be taken lightly as not all stains in importance can be thoroughly washed clean.


Reason #3. Confidence when traveling

There are car insurances that provide you with protection when you get into a car accident. But that is usually when you are the driver. But with excess liability, when you get into an accident with an uninsured driver, you may have to pay a lot more to cover for their injuries because they have become under your liability and not under any insurance company. So that is considered an excess liability.


Reason #4. Added protection

When your underlying insurance has already used up all its resources because of too many accidents happening in a short period, excess liability comes into play. The other purpose of this insurance is to provide an additional layer of protection and close any gaps that may open up unexpectedly. Even if it is not an excess liability, it is always good to have more than one type of insurance. Know the four types of insurance policies everyone needs.


Why Should I Consider Group Personal Excess Liability?

We have discussed so far why excess liability has much to offer, but that was only for excess personal liability. What about an excess group liability? This can be easily placed on big group projects such as construction sites and building companies. This is especially favorable to big company names because of the many competitors and the big scope of liability. Just like on the list above, they can be liable for anyone’s injury on their company property.

They are not so eager to let just anybody know where they live because they know the risks of that, being that they might be framed for liability of injury on their property or worse get framed.

This type of excess liability can protect the employer and employees’ reputation online. Other than slander and false accusations, some might try to embody their online persona. Identity theft is not a joke; millions of people suffer every year. If I were you, know why you need personal excess insurance.



We cannot foresee many risks until they are already happening; we can never be too careful. With your newfound knowledge about group excess personal liability insurances, you have a broader range to choose from. I hope your question about what is group personal excess liability insurance is answered. Do you want to know more about insurance? Read here on facts about premises liability insurance coverage and who is a mutual insurance company owned by. Thank you for reading! I hope you have learned something.

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