What Is Day Bed? 5 Awesome Questions Answered!

What is day bed? Well, it’s flexible, functional, and beautiful furniture for your house.

If you’re saving space, such that if you have a small apartment, you’ll need to have a day bed.

What is day bed

Why do you ask? It’s because it’s sure to maximize your living space.

Plus, it’s also an excellent option for your guest or kid’s room; it all depends on you.

If it’s not clear what a day bed is for you, then read further.


What Is A Day Bed?

Usually, a day bed is made to complement a twin-size mattress.

If you have that mattress with a size of 38 by 75 inches, then you probably need a day bed.

Anyway, there are also day beds which are made bigger, such as one measuring 54 by 75 inches.

In this case, you’re sure to fit a full-size mattress on it.

This bed comes with three sides, so it looks like your typical sofa at home.

That’s why some people would think that it’s a couch.

Much more, the height between the mattress’s top and the floor sits between 9 to 14 inches.

But then, the frame’s height may differ from 22 to 28 inches.

A daybed equipped with a twin-size mattress is usually 38 inches deep.

Well, the typical depth of a sofa out there is between 18 to 22 inches.

And from there, you’ll know the difference between a sofa and a daybed.

Simply stated, a daybed is a little bit deeper compared to couches.

Thus, you can see throw pillows being placed along the frame’s back, creating a seating space with a similar depth to your couch.

Furthermore, a daybed may be made of metal or wood; and it has a foundation, supporting your mattress.

Perhaps, the typical support of a daybed is made of spring; it’s grid-like with wires running horizontally and vertically.

You can find these wires attached to different side panels, and these come with springs that make sure you have a stable and strong base.


What Are Trundle Beds?

Have you ever heard of trundle beds?

Sure you do! These are also known as daybeds.

If you’re wondering why trundle beds would be called as such, well, they also have additional mattresses between them.

Just like the top mattress, your trundle mattress also comes in the same size.

But then, it’s worth noting that the maximum thickness of trundle mattresses is only 8 inches.

A trundle bed may also have a pop-up or slider mechanism, allowing the mattress to raise to the upper mattress’s height.

With this, it creates a huge sleeping space.


Reasons To Own A Daybed

My friends, a daybed is undoubtedly an excellent option as it’s versatile, affordable, and stylish.

Yes, it has several designs, from modern to rustic.

Anyway, here are just a few reasons why you should have a daybed:


Additional sleeping space

So, if you have a trundle daybed, it’s a good option for your teen’s room.

For sure, she will love it; it’s perfect for sleepovers with her friends.

Or maybe, it’s for your guests.


Studio apartment

In case you’re living in a small apartment, you can always use a daybed as a couch and as a bed.


In a den or office

You can place a day bed in your office space. Maybe, you can use it as a sofa, or again, as a bed for your guest.


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions:


#1. Do you need special bedding for your bed?

Not really. Comforters for your standard twin can fit a daybed.

But then, some of these bedspreads are made to accommodate each side of the frame.

Usually, bedding for a daybed comes with slits on each side, ensuring your comforter stays flat.


#2. Why do you call it a daybed?

In the traditional sense, daybeds apply to chaise lounges and sofas.


#3. Do you need a box spring for your daybed?

No. The thing is, you should not use a box spring on your daybed.

My friends, the mattress and the spring box’s weight, are too much.


#4. What’s the difference between a daybed and a futon?

Here’s the thing:

You cannot transform a daybed. A futon, on the other hand, can be transformed into a bed from a couch.

And all you have to do is to slide it into a flatter position.


#5. Can a memory foam mattress be used in your daybed?

In order to prevent your mattress from sagging, you need to have a stable foundation.

A daybed with metal or wooden slats is spaced a maximum of three inches apart.

That being said, you’re sure a memory foam is ideal for your daybed.

But then, daybeds furnished with link springs may lead to the sinking of soft memory foam.

With this, it creates indentations, thereby changing the support of your mattress.

If you want one with a link spring support, you should complement it with a hybrid mattress.

Well, this option comes with a durable spring coal support, preventing it from sagging.


It’s A Wrap!

Whatever is your room’s décor or size, you can put a daybed into your house.

Anyway, you’ve already known what is day bed.

I’m sure you will love it.

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