What Is Chair Height Toilet? A Simple Guide And 4 Best Picks

Is a normal toilet too low and uncomfortable for you? Well, read and get to know what is chair height toilet — the kind of potty especially made for you!

There is no doubt that finding a comfortable toilet height is hard. Toilets are usually made for average height people which makes them either too high or too low for people beyond the spectrum. Comfort-height toilets are also uncomfortable for elderly people and people with disabilities.

what is chair height toilet

All these uneasiness can be addressed with chair height toilets. Read through let’s get into the details.


Chair Height Toilet

From the name itself, a chair height toilet is designed for easier standing and sitting — as on a chair. It is 2 inches higher than a normal toilet standing 17 to 19 inches high. It is also called a tall toilet, which is in compliance with ADA guidelines.

This type of toilet is intended for people who require guidance with hip, back, and knee mobility. Since it is more elevated, it is more suitable to be used by tall people as they often experience discomfort in sitting on a normal height chair.

Usually, tall toilets are featured with a better flushing technology which saves water. They can push solid waste down the drain effectively in every flush.

Aside from tall people, here are the other people who benefit from a chair-height toilet:

    • Elderly – Aside from the higher elevation, chair-height toilets also often come with an elongated bowl for comfort and extra room. They are also preferred by the elderly as they are engineered to relieve them from backaches, arthritis, and pain.
    • Disabled – Disabled people need a toilet with a height that’s almost similar to a normal chair (17 to 19 inches). This makes it easier and more comfortable for them to use the toilet seat. Those who suffer from disabilities can testify that standing from a toilet seat is a big challenge.
  • Handicapped – According to the ADA guidelines, a handicapped-accessible toilet should stand at 17 to 19 inches, making a chair-height toilet fit for them.


4 Best Chair Height Toilets


1. Kohler Comfort Height Toilet with Aquapiston Technology

It is a two-piece toilet with desired specifications and amazing features. It comes with an elongated bowl which provides great comfort.

Aside from the chair height, it has a vibrant design and a high-powered flush function. It features the Aquapiston Technology which allows a consistent and smooth flow of water on the bowl, cleaning it effectively.


2. Toto Drake Comfort Height

Not only does this toilet will give you comfort, but it is also the perfect accent to your bathroom for its elegant  and comfortable design. It also features an elongated bowl and an effective flushing technology.


3. American Standard Comfort Height Elongated Front

It is full of curves and features an elongated seat. The design is made for easy cleaning. Its EverClean technology prevents formation of stains and restricts odor-causing bacteria from growing on its surface.

This toilet stands 17.5 inches above the floor. The tall height allows people at 5’11” tall to sit comfortably without experiencing joint pains.


4. American Standard Comfort Height Round Front

With its tall height, excellent seat, and high-performance flushing, this is the best chair-height seat for you. It is equipped with a bowl and tank.

It also uses EverClean technology making it easier to clean and maintain. Aside from that, its flush system consumes 20% less amount of water than other toilets. Its 17.5 inches height is also best for elderly use.


Difference between chair-height toilet and standard toilet

The main variation between a chair-height toilet and a standard toilet is their elevation. A tall toilet follows the ADA guidelines and measures 17 to 19 inches from the surface. On the other hand, a standard toilet has a standard height of 15 inches.

Comfort height toilets are best for assisting the elderly, but can be hard to use by kids and shorter adults. It can also cause constipation, while on the contrary, a standard toilet provides a way to naturally prevent it.


Choosing the best toilet

Toilets are one of the essentials in a home. They are frequently used so it is important to make the right decision when choosing one. When deciding what type of potty to install in your bathroom, there are things you should consider.

First, the height. When the toilet is meant to be used by kids, you can opt for a standard toilet. However, if there is an elderly or disabled person at home, it is best to have a tall toilet.

Next, worry about the installation as some toilets may be hard to install. Of course, aside from the sole purpose, you can also consider the appearance. This is not just about the aesthetics, but the toilet’s structure and features.



A comfort room must be filled with comfort. This is why knowing what is chair height toilet is important. This way, you can choose which type you and your family will be most comfortable in using.

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