What Is Ceramic Heater? Read These Amazing Facts!

Hello there! Do you want to know what is ceramic heater? A ceramic heater is an electronic home appliance used to keep an area warm during the cold, utilizing a PCT (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic to produce its heat.

It is commonly used in places where cold weather or climate is experienced. It is an alternative to the good old fireplace in the living room setting, where family members gather around during the winter season to keep warm.

what is ceramic heater

Thanks to the gradual and continuous development of technology, people can still be warm and cozy, even when it is literally snowing or freezing outdoors. All that separates you from the cold is the wall of your house and your blanket or winter clothes. Later, we will be going over the different types, forms, and pros of a ceramic heater. Continue reading until the end, and we guarantee that you will learn or be reminded of a thing or two about these incredible heat supplying appliances.


Wha Ceramic Heaters Are; Their Types

So, what is ceramic heater? The first thing we will be tackling is the two main types of ceramic heaters. We already know that ceramic heaters make use of a PTC ceramic. Cheerful temperature coefficient ceramic is a characteristic of ceramic wherein the temperature and resistance of the element go up as current flows through it. After it reaches a temperature set by the user, the current stops flowing because of an enormous increase in resistance, and this causes the appliance to stop heating up. 

This characteristic also helps keep us safe because if it does not stop after reaching a specific temperature, we are at risk of a house fire if we leave the ceramic heater or forget about it. There are two main types of ceramic heaters. These are convective heaters and radiant heaters. They both use this PTC ceramic as the heating element but work slightly differently. The convective ceramic heater uses its fins (aluminum plates) and heats it with the ceramic heating element. 

The cool air enters the heater from below and passes through the heated fins and heating element. The air becomes heated after it has passed through, and in turn, it heats the surroundings. After the heated air has cooled, it gathers below the heater again, and the process continues until the desired surrounding temperature is reached. The radiant heaters, on the other hand, do their job differently. Compared to convection heaters which can start heating the environment faster, radiant heaters take a few minutes longer to reach the desired temperature.

This case happens because instead of heating the air of the surroundings, it instead heats the surroundings directly by radiating heat from its core. The objects around the heater absorb the heat, and it causes the heat to take longer before dissipating. The convection heater is similar to a warm summer breeze, while the radiant heater is similar to the sun that makes the object exposed to it absorb heat. For more information about what is the ceramic heater, keep on reading. 


Different Forms Of Ceramic Heaters

Next, we will be focusing on the different forms and models that ceramic heaters in the market come in. Ceramic heaters’ forms include compact, wall, and tower heaters. Compact heaters look like small boxes and can be placed on the floor and be used anytime you want to warm the place up, making it cozy and comfortable for yourself. These don’t look unusual and can blend in with the surrounding environment while not occupying much space. 

As the name suggests, Ceramic wall heaters are placed on the wall. You want to keep warm like the wall near your bed, particularly in the room. Its advantage is that it does not occupy the least space since it is attached to the wall and becomes part of the room, and at worst, will look like an over bulging wallpaper. Ceramic tower heaters are the real MVP regarding the amount of area covered. These are also faster than the other two at heating the surrounding environment.


Advantages of using ceramic heaters

So why should you even consider using ceramic heaters? Here are some advantages of using ceramic heaters. First, it is energy efficient, so it doesn’t cost much to operate. It can quickly warm up the surroundings and maintain the temperature without too much power. Next, it is safer than other alternatives because ceramic heating elements work. Once it reaches the set temperature, it shuts off automatically. You won’t have to worry about it causing a fire. Finally, it maintains the temperature without causing large fluctuations in temperature. It may also be a good idea to read about how to fix the common problems of a kerosene heater.


It’s A Wrap!

We want to express our heartfelt thanks for reading this article until the end. Hopefully, what you have read about what is ceramic heater is will be helpful to the knowledge you will have in the future. Make sure to carefully consider the ceramic heater you would be purchasing if you plan to do so. It should suit your needs and be well thought out. It is essential to keep on learning new things for continuous growth. You may want to read related articles; know how to add a thermostat to a wall heater and how to clean a wall heater. See you next time

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