What Is Better 4500 Watt Vs 5500 Watt Water Heater? 4 Interesting Factors!

Are you wondering what is better 4500 watt vs 5500 watt water heater? Stop wondering, and get ready to read this article without further ado. Choosing the 5500 watts should always be the preferable option if your devices demand a lot of hot water daily. Buying a 4500-watt water heater, on either hand, seems to be more cost-effective and appropriate for modest household items.

These vital 5,500-watt components heat water twenty times quicker. The elements with a power rating of 4500 watts are more than enough. The objective of 5500 watts is to heat water quicker, resulting in more hot water being delivered by the water heater.

what is better 4500 watt vs 5500 water heater

Installing a 5500-watt component to substitute a 4500-watt element is not recommended. Many prime factors make everything crystal clear: which watt heater is better, so continue reading and learning more.


What Is Better Between 4500 Watt Vs 5500 Watt Water Heater?

The majority of individuals do not consider their water heater at residence. It is natural since there isn’t much else to do once hot water is available. As an owner, you should have a fundamental understanding of how the home’s heating system works. This will help you understand your alternatives, especially the variations between a 4500 and a 5500-watt water heater. 

Each type of water heater has advantages and disadvantages. This article emphasizes the contrast between 4500 vs. 5500-watt water heaters and whether you should buy a 4500 and 5500-watt hot water system. You will also learn what is better 4500 watt vs 5500 watt water heater:


#1. Rate of heat transfer

The time it would take to heat the water is the only factor between a 4500 watt or a 5500-watt water heater. A 5500-watt component heats twenty times quicker than the standard component. The 5500-watt heater warms 30 to 40 gallons of water per hour. The 4500-watt heater, on the other hand, will heat 15 to 18 gallons in one hour. The 5500-watt heaters, as you’ll see, warm 4–6 gallons of fresh water per hour faster. On the other hand, a larger wattage heater often does not imply that the water will be heated more quickly. The issue is how long it would take to warm the water tank when it has run out of hot water.


#2. Lack of power

The temperature goes up as the power rises. Each electric element that becomes too hot is doomed. It’s much more so in the case of a water heater. Breakers may wear out if they are exposed to too much heat. Busbars, transformers, and other electrical components are also severely damaged. Therefore, the 4500-watt heater is preferable to a 5500-watt water heater for energy saving.


#3. Size of breaker

The 12 gauge cable with a 25 amp breaker is needed for a 240v heater in a home. This breaker is rated at 25 amps for a 5500 watt purely resistive load at 240v. The 5500-watt components may be securely supported by a 25 amp circuit with ten gauge wiring. The 4500-watt part, on the other hand, necessitates a 20-amp breaker with 10-gauge wire.


#4. Chances of risks

The 5500-watt heater warms water quickly, adding a burden on the tank. As a result, such defects are frequently covered by warranties. This isn’t the case, though. In addition, putting a 5500-watt heater component in a reservoir with a twelve-gauge wire harness can cause electrical issues. The tank with the internal wiring of twelve gauges will not be able to use the 4500-watt element. You may also be interested to know about water heater safety tips.


Is It Better To Have 5500 Watt Water Heater Vs 4500 Watt?

If or not replacing a 4500-watt heater with a 5500-watt heater is worthwhile relies on your preferences and budget. The 5500-watt heater could be advised for a large family who takes many showers each day, utilizes hot water to clean dishes, but does not want to linger for water to warm up in between usage. For a household of two who don’t use a lot of hot water, a 4500-watt heater might be enough. The cost for 4500-watt heaters ranges from $339 to $830, whereas 5500-watt heaters range from $489 to $1250. However, it’s crucial to remember that the 5500-watt heater has higher yearly operating expenses. Because a 5500-watt heater consumes more energy than a 4500-watt heater, this is the case.


Benefits Of 5500-Watt Water Heater

A 5500-watt heater is superior simply because it saves time. If you do have an eight-person household, then heated water consumption is likely to be higher than if you have got a four-person family. This implies you use hot water frequently to bathe, prepare food, wash clothes, clean clothing, and consume, among other things. Considering the varied demands of such a household, a 5500-watt heater reduces the time it takes for water to warm up.


It’s A Wrap!

We appreciate you learning what is better 4500 watt vs 5500 watt water heater. This comparison is worthwhile for every water heater user when choosing the right wattage heater. It also depends on your immediate need, which can be determined by the number of individuals living in the house. Click on these links to read related articles; know how to wire a water heater and how to know if water heater is bad. Thank you, friends, for staying with us and learning this article in one go.

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