What Is An Upholstered Bed? 7 Amazing Facts!

What is an upholstered bed?

A bed is generally used to refer to a bed frame made out of wood or metal.

what is an upholstered bed

With the rapid improvement in furniture design, beds were modified to fit modern tastes and elevate comfort.

An upholstered bed is one of those modern innovations.

It is a bed in which the bed frame, headboard, and footboard are wrapped in fabric offering both warmth and elegance.

Additional paddings are also incorporated in upholstered beds to provide more cushion.

Buttons and embroidery are a common luxurious touch in this type of bed.

This piece of furniture is perfect for complementing a contemporary or classical space with various designs and styles.


What An Upholstered Bed Is?

So, what is an upholstered bed?

From the word upholstery, this bed is inspired by the historical practice of shoving items inside chairs to make more comfortable furniture.

In the past, materials like hays and wool are used for padding.

Now, more durable materials like metal springs and foams.

Upholstery has now evolved as a term that refers to fabric coverings for different types of beds.

A wide variety of materials are used for upholstered beds that also soften the baseboards and sideboards.

A list of textile fabrics are written below, which are composed of both natural and synthetic fibers:


#1. Velvet

If you want a luxurious touch in your upholstered bed, velvet fabric is best for you.

It can either be made from synthetic or natural fibers.

Velvet is considered to have durable quality and stain-resistant features.

Glitz velvet is trendy in upholstered beds.


#2. Cotton

It is considered the most affordable and common fabric as an upholstery material.

Cotton is popular for providing comfort by its softness but more prone to staining and fades faster.


#3. Wool

Common for the warmth it provides and considered an upholstery item for quite some time.

It is also durable to use because of being resistant to staining and pilling.


#4. Leather

Most people prefer leather because of its superb durability.

Aside from being low maintenance, it is also resistant to scratches and stains.


#5. Linen

It is typically used for designing upholstered fabrics because this material is ideal for printing.

Mostly used in furniture for adults because it is more prone to wrinkling.


#6. Silk

Among other fabrics, it is considered the most expensive, often reserved for formal settings.

It’s seldom used in typical upholstered beds because stains can easily ruin them.


#7. Synthetic fibers

Synthetic fibers are imitations of natural fibers that are synthesized to be more durable and easier to maintain.

Common examples include polyester, acrylic, rayon, and propylene.


What Are The Different Styles Of Upholstered Beds?

The variety of materials used for upholstered beds shows the endless possibilities in creating your mix of design and colors.

It includes the range of styles in which upholstered beds are made available.

Check the popular frame styles for upholstered beds below:


Platform bed

Platform upholstered beds are best for limited space bedrooms.

Since it doesn’t come with box springs, it is easier to install and lower to the ground.


Standard bed

Compared to platform beds, standard beds come with box springs.

It is a versatile frame style as you can more freely add upholstery decorations depending on your taste.


Panel bed

Panel beds are prominent for their headboards.

Upholstery styling in this type of frame mostly refers to the padding of the headboard.


Canopy bed

If you’re into a classical design, canopy beds are highly recommended.

The traditional style in this bed type gives more privacy and a cozy feeling to the user.

Upholstery is mostly emphasized on the headboards of canopy beds.


Ottoman and divans

Apart from having an upholstered finish on their beds, some people also wanted to maximize the space underneath the bed.

Ottomans have storage boxes, while divans come with drawers.

An upholstered headboard and footboard soften the rigid lines of these kinds of bed.


What Are The Benefits of Upholstered Beds?

The rising popularity of upholstered beds stirs our curiosity towards the benefits they can offer.


Variety of options

Upholstered beds can fit practically any bedroom style with a wide range of fabric and frame style options.

It gives you more freedom with texture, color, and designs to incorporate into your bed.



Upholstered beds provide both comfort and support.

The heat is retained in your bed space with the padding creating a warm and relaxing sleeping environment.



Upholstery items can create a soft visual effect on the sharp lines on the edges and corners of your bed.



Padded cushions protect the bedframe from any direct damage.

These paddings are also made of quality materials that can last for a long time as coverings.


Low maintenance

Most materials used in upholstery beds are resistant to stains, making them easier to clean and maintain.

These common materials are ideal for regular living use.



What is an upholstered bed?

Upholstery beds are bed frames incorporated with additional padding and upholstery covering.

It is made from a variety of fabrics and comes with several bed frame styles.

That’s all about upholstered beds.

Thanks for reading!

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