What Is An Olympic Queen Mattress? Complete Guide

If someone asks what is an Olympic queen mattress, you can quickly answer that it’s a size wider than your standard queen bed. In particular, this mattress is 6 inches wider than a queen-size mattress. Think of it as another special queen size, much like how a king bed has an Alaskan king variant. 

Should you consider getting an Olympic queen mattress? We will talk about what to expect in this size to help you decide. If you’re considering a queen bed, their comparison is also discussed below:

What Is An Olympic Queen Mattress


What Is An Olympic Queen Mattress And Is It For You?

You can deduce from the name itself that an Olympic queen mattress is a bigger variant of your standard queen-size bed. To be more exact, this mattress measures 66 by 80 inches, which is perfect for couples who share a bed or those who want more space to sleep on. You can consider an Olympic queen mattress if your room is too small to fit a king-size bed, but you still want a generous width for sleeping. 

However, there is one drawback that you must consider before getting an Olympic queen mattress. Much like other varieties of a standard size, it will be tricky to find an Olympic queen in most retailers and stores. Furthermore, the unique dimensions mean you have to find and use a particular bed frame and accessories to suit it best. 

If you also have a specific material in mind, you might find the options too limited in an Olympic queen mattress. The ones in the market include innerspring, latex, gel foam, and hybrid types. It’s best to do your research about every mattress type and then select an Olympic queen mattress that can provide your needs. 


Olympic queen vs queen mattress

As you have just read, an Olympic queen mattress is wider than a standard queen-size mattress. Therefore, it makes a reasonable consideration for those sharing a bed. A queen-size mattress only measures 60 by 80 inches, which will be comfortable for single sleepers or those who want to upgrade from a twin-size mattress. 

However, the queen bed’s smaller width means you can use it in a room measuring 10 by 10 square feet. On the other hand, an Olympic queen is best if you have a space of at least 14 by 10 square feet. If you’re looking for a bed to use in your guest room, the queen is a comfortable option. 

Another advantage of a queen mattress over an Olympic queen is it will be easier to buy foundations and beddings for it since it’s a popular and typical size. If you got an Olympic queen, it’s best to ask the store itself for the accessories compatible with it. Otherwise, ask for king-size bedding and then adjust the width since an Olympic queen is narrower. 


Who Makes An Olympic Queen Mattress?

You should find different Olympic queen mattresses in Amazon and some mattress companies in the US. Some brands that offer this size are OrthoSleep, Brooklyn Bedding, and Mattress Insider. You can also check companies that provide custom sizes for beds to see if they will ship to your location. 

As we discussed earlier, the accessories for an Olympic queen can be hard to find compared to those of a queen-size mattress. You can ask where you bought the mattress itself for them. Otherwise, get something bigger like those of a king bed and get it resized to match an Olympic queen’s width.


What Is A California Queen Mattress?

You’ve probably heard and seen a California king bed, but did you know that there is also a California queen variant? Compared to a California king, a California queen measures 60 inches wide and 84 inches long. It’s also a bit longer than your regular queen mattress at just four inches. 

Much like an Olympic queen bed, you can consider a California queen as a specialty size, and you may need to get it custom made, including the accessories for it. However, some manufacturers offer this size, but it’s not a standard offered in most shops like a California king. If you think its dimensions are perfect for you, give this mattress a try and search for one.


What Is A Super Queen Mattress?

Another variant size of a queen mattress is the super queen, and it is even harder to find than the ones we mentioned. Furthermore, some brands provide different sizes for the super queen bed, which means you have to be extra diligent when buying sheets and frames. In general, a super queen mattress is wider and thicker than a standard queen-size bed as it offers 33 by 75 inches of space. 

A super queen mattress is also 66 inches wide with a height of 80 inches. Some sheets are 66 inches wide for their accessories, but some are best for a 20-inch tall bed. 



If you want something bigger than a standard queen bed but won’t require too much space like a king-size bed, you can opt for an Olympic queen. What is an Olympic queen mattress? This particular queen-size variant measures 66 by 80 inches, making it ideal for couples who share a bed. 

However, be mindful when shopping for its accessories as it can be tricky to find the suitable sizes for it. Again, this is a unique size, and it won’t be as standard in most retailers and shops.