What Is An Eye Pillow? 3 Best Reasons Why You Should Have This!

I have seen round, long, and oversized pillows, but what about pillows for the eyes; what is an eye pillow?

Eye pillows are also called dream pillows, which make sense because the comfort they bring will make you go to your dreamland once you sleep.

What Is An Eye Pillow

The pillows are not your typical ones since its small and have a mask shape, or they appear to be rectangular pouches made from silk or cotton, filled with herbs that will help you relax as you sleep.

Imagine yourself emerged in the scent of lavenders; isn’t it relaxing? It’s as if all your worries and stress drifted away because of the eye pillow.

That is why many individuals use eye pillows to make them fall asleep, also in aromatherapy.


What An Eye Pillow Is

What is an eye pillow?

Eye pillows are rectangular pouches made from cotton silk, or maybe from your old shirt if you did made it yourself, filled with herbs that are usually scented to help you relax.

I use an eye pillow to sleep because turning off the lights is not enough to make me fall asleep.

I find it relaxing to wear an eye pillow because it shields my eyes from light and its gentle weight over my eyes is what makes me fall asleep.

You see, the light pressure on your eyes is beneficial to your body.

One of our twelve cranial nerves, which is the vagus nerve, on our brain, which moves down to our back of the neck to our chest and heart and the abdomen and digestive tract, plays an essential role in our body.

So, applying light pressure on your eye helps lower heart rate, known as the oculocardiac reflex.

Adding to this is how it can stimulate our vagus nerve, which is the primary communicator to our rest- and- digest system.

It regulates our digestion and heart rate as we sleep. It makes our bodies relax and do their regular functions.

Lastly, our tend-and-befriend system is also activated, responsible for helping us to connect and reach out to others.

The following nerves are stimulated by abdominal massages or eye pillows, which its weight puts pressure on our eyes.


How Does Eye Pillow Work?

So, how can a simple rectangle pouch do such wonders? Well, keep on reading to be impressed by how it works!

The soft bag filled with flax seeds or fragrant herb, placed on the top of the eye, gives enough pressure on your eyeball to help it relax, and what I said earlier, stimulate nerves to help your body enjoy the rest you deserve.

Some people would even refrigerate their eye pillows, as it provides that cooler sensation, which helps to make you fall asleep.

It is why people with migraines, anxiety, or a simple headache use eye pillows to unwind and relax their bodies from the day’s hardships.


How To Use Eye Pillows?

Now that you know how these fantastic pillows work, you’d want to experience the best out of it by learning how to use one.

You can use your eye pillow just as it is. Squeeze it to let out the fragrance and place it on your eyes.

Make sure you are in your comfortable sleeping position for you to sleep better.

If you’re experiencing headaches or stress, you’d want your eye pillow to be warm.

Put your eye pillow in a microwave for a minute and use it. Make sure it’s not too hot, or it’ll be uncomfortable.

And of course, you can freeze your pillow, a remedy for eyestrain or headache, or you want that cool effect to make you fall asleep.


Benefits Of Using Eye Pillow

Of course, before we purchase a product, you’d want to know its benefits if it’s what you need. So, here is a list of things an eye pillow can do to your body:

#1. It serves as acupressure

The flax seeds and herbs inside your eye pillow will give you the right amount of pressure on your eyes to stimulate nerves making your body feel more relaxed and well-rested.

I recommend you use an eye pillow eye shaped frame because it will provide the best support, for sure.


#2. Eye-shield

When we sleep, we switch off our lights and slumber in darkness, and wearing an eye mask will help you rest in peace as it blocks glaring rays and visual stimuli that will wake you up.

If you always find yourself in front of your computer or cell phone, I bet your eyes usually itch or get irritated, but thankfully, an eye mask will help ease your issues.


#3. Relief

Acupressure helps relieve muscle tension on your forehead, temples, neck, and shoulders because of the flax seeds.

Again, the pressure from the pillow to your eyes will send neurological signals to your brain to help your body relax and ease from pain.



I never thought that eye pillows could do such a thing!  What is an eye pillow? It’s a magical and rectangular pillow placed on your eyes to help you relax and sleep.

So, why hesitate? Grab your own and level up your routine before you enjoy your beauty rest!