What Is An Enclosure Card For Wedding Invitations

The answer to what is an enclosure card for wedding invitations is it’s a card included in the wedding invitation suite containing different kinds of information. So, therefore, an envelope of invitation can have multiple cards, depending on the type of wedding you’re having.

You’ll also know below the etiquette and what to write on cards for wedding invitations. And for additional reference, you can read what to put on details card for the wedding

what is an enclosure card for wedding invitations


Exactly What Is An Enclosure Card For Wedding Invitations

Wedding invitations usually have enclosure cards on each suite. While a basic wedding invitation informs the guests of the date, time, and venue of the wedding, bigger events will need more information to tell their guests.

Enclosure cards contain additional details for the wedding to inform and notify the guests of the answers to other what, where, and when wedding questions they may have. You will include an information card or more in the invitation suite than trying to fit lengthy words in one invitation card. 

An enclosure card is also the same as the wedding details card. But to save on postage, some couples simply send an envelope with the basic invitation, then lead the guests to their wedding website than printing more pieces of stationery to mail. 


Types of wedding invitation enclosure cards

  • Wedding directions card: enclosure card with a map or directions for the wedding venues 
  • Accommodation card: hotels and places where the guests can stay, especially in a destination wedding; this may also include booking information if you’ve reserved a hotel block for them
  • Transportation card: transportation options for the guests or if you’ve set a shuttle for them:
  • Reception card: big weddings typically have a reception enclosure card if it has many events and the venue is different from the ceremony
  • Ceremony card: weddings with fewer guests at the ceremony will have a separate ceremony enclosure card for those who are invited to it
  • Attire card: information regarding the dress code and samples of outfits for the guests
  • Website card: enclosure card with the link for the wedding website
  • Rehearsal dinner card: enclosure card for guests invited to the rehearsal dinner
  • Wedding events card: weeklong weddings have multiple events, so it’s best to have individual enclosure cards for each event to inform the guests of where and when they’ll happen
  • RSVP card: the guests will send this back to you if they’ll attend the wedding


What Size Is An Enclosure Card?

The enclosure card, regardless if it’s a reception card or any other details card, is usually 4.25 x 5.5 inches. Enclosure cards are smaller than the standard 5 x 7-inch invitation card to distinguish these cards from the wedding invitation suite. 

This will also make it easier to stack everything in the envelope. Overall, it’s best not to have enclosure cards more significant than the main invitation card.

Remember that oversized cards can also increase your postage costs for the invites. If the enclosure cards are also smaller, you can compile everything with a belly band where the biggest formal invitation card is at the bottom. 

Read how to stuff wedding invitations for more tips on organizing your wedding invitation envelopes. 


What Should Be Included In An Enclosure Card?

Here is the information you’ll give your guests on each wedding invitation enclosure card. Note that you don’t need all kinds of details cards unless you think the words wouldn’t fit in one card. 


Response card

The wedding invitations must have the response card with the envelope. This will help the guest notify you if they can attend the wedding or not. 


Direction card

Another important enclosure card is the direction card to help the guests know how to get to the wedding venue from any direction. You might also include a map card if the area has other wedding venues for your various events. 


Accommodation card

Destination weddings often have an enclosure card for the guest accommodation. They could be the options of where to stay or the hotel information if you reserved a wedding block for guests. 


Reception card

Your wedding reception might be entirely different from the venue and theme of the ceremony. Include a reception card in the invitation suite to inform the guests. 


Other common enclosure cards

  • Attire card for particular information regarding the wedding dress code and theme
  • Wedding website card to help guests find it and what to expect from it
  • Wedding itinerary and events for weeklong celebrations in different places and schedule 


What information should be included on the back of an enclosure card?

The back of the enclosure cards can contain food preferences, song requests, or even a place for the guests to ask a question to the couple. 


Is A Reception Card Necessary?

A reception card is only necessary for wedding invitations if it will need more information that the guests need to know. For example, do you need a separate time, direction, venue, and dress code for the reception? 


What Is An RSVP Card Called?

The RSVP wedding enclosure cards are also called response cards. You’ll also provide the addressed envelopes for the guests to mail them back to you. 



And that’s it! To recap what is an enclosure card for wedding invitations, it is also the details card included in the invitation suite.

They contain additional wedding information such as the RSVP, reception, direction, accommodation, attire, and wedding itinerary. Print them on smaller cards than the main invitation card when stacking your suite. 

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