What Is An Appropriate Gift For A Second Wedding

Consider three things if you’re unsure what is an appropriate gift for a second wedding. In this guide, you should easily find the perfect wedding gift or what to get someone for their second wedding,

We will also discuss the etiquette for second weddings since it can confuse wedding guests. And for couples, you can refer to what to wear for a second wedding if you have no attire yet.

what is an appropriate gift for a second wedding


What Is An Appropriate Wedding Gift For A Second Marriage?


Check the couple’s wedding registry

The first way to decide what marriage wedding gift will be perfect when attending a second wedding is to check the wedding registry. It might be noted on the wedding invitation, or the wedding website can link to the bride and groom’s registry. 

It is acceptable to have still a wedding registry for the second wedding since some couples are likely to need certain items once they live together. You can also save yourself the stress of thinking about what gift the couple will surely need.

Are the couple likely to use Amazon? Here is how to search for a wedding registry on Amazon


Consider monetary gifts

The couple may not include a registry link, or they’ve been living together so long that they likely won’t need linens or flatware commonly given to newlyweds. For this dilemma, consider a cash gift instead.

Nowadays, it’s not even considered tacky for couples to express their preference for monetary gifts than physical gifts. Read how to ask for money instead of gifts for the wedding if you’re considering it as well. 

You also don’t need to insert cash bills inside an envelope. Instead, why not write a check or give the couple a gift card they can use for their honeymoon, for example?


Give something sentimental

The couple may express that they have no specific wants for the second wedding. Second marriages are usually for mature couples who are also quite established themselves.

So instead of cash or traditional wedding gifts, you can give the couple something creative and sentimental. Perhaps you can personalize decors for them or have someone create artwork from their photo. 

If you visit their home, you can look around to know their taste and interests. It can even be something they can use for the wedding, such as a vow book or a wine set. 


Do You Give Gifts For A Second Marriage?

It’s optional for wedding guests to give a gift for a second wedding. But of course, if you’re close to the couple, it’s only suitable to provide them with something to show your support. 

Another consideration is the etiquette that when you give a gift for the first wedding, you don’t need to provide a gift for the second marriage. Furthermore, check if the couple says no gifts on the wedding invitation and follow their request accordingly. 


How Much Do You Give For A Second Marriage?

The etiquette for cash gifts for a second wedding is the same as the rules for a first wedding. Your closeness to the couple determines how high or low you’ll give.

Just keep your financial capacity in mind and only give something that you genuinely can. For example, a starting price of $200 for the second wedding gift is expected for relatives and friends, but even $50 to $100 is acceptable. 


What Is Etiquette For A Second Wedding?

  • If you and your partner have children from the previous marriage, make sure to let them know
  • Discuss with your partner regarding inviting ex-partners, especially if the families are blended and have a good relationship with each other
  • Check the rules for remarrying, depending on your traditions and religions
  • Your parents, especially those of the bride, are no longer expected to pay for the second wedding 
  • It’s acceptable to have a smaller wedding than your first
  • It’s acceptable to have a wedding party still
  • Make sure your guests are supportive of the second wedding
  • You can still have pre-wedding celebrations like the wedding shower 
  • Consider a gift registry but offer items of various prices for the guests
  • Do not recreate your first wedding as respect for your partner 


How Do You Celebrate A Second Marriage?

The second wedding can be as lowkey or grand as you want as long as your budget allows you. Unlike the first wedding, the bride’s parents are no longer traditionally expected to pay for the second wedding. 

You can read who pays for a second wedding to know more about etiquette. Furthermore, make sure that there will be no awkward moments at the wedding, especially if you have relatives or friends who are more in favor of your first spouse. 

Ultimately, have a wedding that celebrates your love for each other. There’s no need to recreate something that doesn’t feel genuine. 



Was this guide helpful? To recap what is an appropriate gift for a second wedding, it can be anything from their registry, a cash gift, or something creative.

It’s also not expected to receive gifts for the second wedding, so it’s acceptable not to give any gift if you’re not close to the couple. Overall, gifts should come from the heart, so only give something you want. 

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