What Is An Air Mattress? Everything To Know

If one asks what is an air mattress, you can simply say that it’s an inflatable bed. There are different market models that you won’t also feel left out if you opt to get an air bed over a traditional foam or innerspring. But if you want to know more, carry on with reading this article. 

We will discuss what you can expect with an air mattress, including its pros and cons. And since this product can hold a good range of weight, can you use it as your daily bed? Scroll down now, and you’ll discover if this product is (or isn’t) worthy of buying. 


What Is An Air Mattress And What Makes It Special?

An air mattress uses air as its main composition compared to traditional beds that use foam. Depending on the type, the outer material is PVC that makes the air mattress inflatable and convenient for storage and travel. Nowadays, you can also expect other materials that make up an air mattress, including urethane plastic or even rubber. 

Because you can inflate and deflate an air bed, it is more portable than other mattresses. It has become famous for camping and other travels that may require you to bring something to lie on. And best of all, you don’t always need a pump to fill or deflate the air mattress.


Types of air mattresses

There are different kinds of air beds, but you’re not limited to a traditional one reminiscent of an inflatable pool float. Manufacturers have introduced the combination of materials to this basic design to improve your sleeping experience. Some health care providers even recommend these types of air beds to support patients. 

A good example is the foam mattress. Even though the model is an inflatable air bed, the surface has layers of memory foam. This makes it excellent for people who like the contouring characteristic of this material.

There are also hybrid and alternating airflow varieties. The former also has a foam layer, but it has alternating air pockets. On the contrary, an alternating air-flow mattress has lateral air cells and typically uses a pump built-in to the bed. 


What Does An Air Mattress Do?

An air mattress uses air to expand and provide a supportive sleeping surface. It has a valve for receiving the nozzle of your air pump, but some have their pumps included as part of the bed. However, you can also inflate an air mattress without a pump using items that can blow air.

Once you’re done inflating, you just need to put the valve cap back to seal in the air. Do note that you can’t use water to fill the bed because water is heavy and never compresses. Once you lie in the mattress, you will end up popping the material because the uneven pressure stresses the seams. 


Can You Use An Air Mattress As A Regular Bed?

It should be safe to sleep in an air mattress regularly like with other beds. However, you must check if you are getting the proper support and you feel comfortable. For one, take note of body pain or interrupted sleep. 

If your body is not in a neutral posture, you can experience pain in the neck, back, or limbs. Some people might also find an air bed too noisy or too cold, with the latter more common when the weather is chilly. The air mattress can even feel hot to some because the exterior materials are not breathable. 


How to make an air bed better for daily use?

Make sure you’re always taking care of the mattress to prevent damages that can cause leaks. Once the bed loses its structure, it won’t also be supportive. We also recommend re-inflating the mattress regularly to ensure that it has the right firmness and form. 

Finally, opt for quality accessories to make up for any shortcomings of the bed. For example, adding a mattress topper will improve the cushioning of the mattress. You should also get a soft and breathable mattress cover to maintain good temperature regulation. 


Are Air Mattresses Good?

Air mattresses are excellent to have because of their convenience in travel and storage. More so, some air beds are designed to be beneficial to the health. They can support good circulation and pressure relief to make health conditions more tolerable. 

Those who are likely to develop sores will benefit from the “floating” feeling when you sleep on an air bed. However, you still want to ensure that you’re getting a good posture when using the mattress. We still prefer memory foam or hybrid mattresses for long-term use because they are meant to withstand daily wear and tear. 


Can You Sit On An Air Mattress?

It should be safe to sit on an air mattress, but the emphasis is on the short-term only. It would be best if you broke the habit of sitting, especially on the edge of the bed. You are concentrating weight on this side only, which can damage the seam of the air mattress. 



Those who often travel with their beds should get an air mattress. But what is an air mattress? As we have discussed, it’s a plastic or rubber structure with air inside to mimic the form of a foam or innerspring bed.