What Is An Accent Chair? A Unique And Informative Guide

If you want to rework your room, you need to learn many elements, including what is an accent chair. This chair is more than just something you sit on. It’s also essential for making a room feel more stylish and nifty.

Incorporating an accent chair into your household will create that effortlessly looking chic feel to your room. However, adding an accent chair to a room is not as easy as it may sound. One wrong move and you may ruin the overall vibes of the place.

what is an accent chair

Let’s read through this article to know all about accent chairs, which types you can use, and things to consider when buying one!


What You Need To Know About Accent Chairs

Accent chairs or “side chairs” are made because of the idea that chairs should be more than just a tool to sit on, but also something that can provide a visually appealing accessory for the room. Having an accent chair for your area requires some creativity and artistic skills. It’s essential to plan your design first before buying anything.

This chair is also the perfect decoration when you feel like your room is lacking something. When it looks full but not quite enough, accent chairs will help add personality and complete your room’s overall design.

Side chairs are available in all sorts of design, style, color, and sizes. You might get confused as there are a lot of options to choose from. If you’re curious to know how to pick the right one for you, keep reading!


What Are The Types of Accent Chairs?


1. Club chair

Club chair is a kind of upholstered armchair made from leather. Club chairs have these deep seats that you will want to sink yourself into. Historically, these chairs are used exclusively for a gentleman’s club or a type of club for aristocratic men.

However, the demand for club chairs increased as time went by and was integrated into many American homes.


2. Slipper chair

One distinct characteristic of slipper chairs is that they don’t have armrests, unlike the rest of our list. The term “slipper” is because women in the Victorian era first used it as a seat to help them put on their slippers or shoes.

This type of chair became famous when an American designer named Billy Baldwin stepped in and reimagined slipper chairs for living rooms.


3. Wingback chair

Wingback chairs are the perfect accent chairs, especially if you plan to place them near a fireplace. This type of chair features a wide curved backrest that resembles little wings at the sides of the chair. Hence, the name.

Made in the 1600s, this timeless piece of furniture is used to prevent the cold air from slicing up your little nest of warmth. Designed to be placed near a heat provider, the “wings” of this chair shields the user from the cool temperature.


4. Rocking chair

Rocking chairs are known for the two curved pieces of wood attached at the base of the chair that makes it sway back and forth. It will be an excellent addition for any part of the house, such as the reading area or even a baby room. Rocking chairs give that calming and familiar feeling.


How To Choose An Accent Chair


Your style 

When choosing an accent chair, you should first consider your preferred style. It would also help if you looked at the room’s overall design. For example, if you plan to redecorate a formal room, you wouldn’t want to put an abstract-styled fabric for an accent chair in there.

It will also help if you plan your color scheme before anything else. Read here to know how.


Consider the fabric

Another thing you should remember when looking for an accent chair is the material used. If you have someone in the home with a fabric allergy, it could affect which chairs you’ll have. You will want something you can easily clean, comfortable enough to sit on, and have that aesthetic vibes.


Where you’ll place it

Your accent chair will also depend on where you want to place it. For dining rooms or breakfast tables, you’ll want to make sure to have chairs that are high enough to reach the table without sacrificing comfortability. It would be best to keep in mind how to make flexible seating arrangements for rooms where people usually gather and catch up, such as the living room.


Availability of space in your room

You should also look into your room on how much space there is for accent chairs. Although accent chairs are made to make the room stand out more and create an attention-worthy look, too small or too big can cause an imbalance in your room.



Knowing the basics of what is an accent chair and how to incorporate it successfully is a crucial part of creating visual interest for your room. Accent chairs are more than just a seating piece of furniture — it makes a focal point and complements the overall designs of an area. It would be wise to construct a detailed plan first before buying, or you can also consult an interior designer to know more about your options if you have the budget.

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