What Is An A Line Wedding Dress: Is It For You?

The answer to what is an A line wedding dress is it’s a wedding dress silhouette with a shape similar to the letter A. The skirt flows outwards but is not as voluminous as a ball gown. 

We will compare A line wedding dresses to a ball gown to help you decide if it’s the right dress for you. And if you want more tips on looking your best in your wedding gown, read what style wedding dress for my body type

what is an a line wedding dress


What Is An A Line Wedding Dress: Who Should Wear It?

A line wedding dresses are so-called because their shape is similar to the letter A. An A line gown starts with a fitted bodice then the skirt flows outward like the bottom half of the letter A. 

The resulting cinched waist and flowy skirt create a curved hourglass body shape on a bride wearing an A line wedding dress. It’s also suitable for different bridal styles and themes, which makes it a classic wedding dress silhouette.

Depending on the designer, A line wedding dresses vary in necklines, sleeve types, length, and back. Therefore, it should be easy to find the perfect wedding dress for the style you want on your wedding day.  


Should you wear an A line wedding dress?

What body shapes look best in A line wedding dresses? You can confidently select this silhouette for your bridal gown regardless of your figure and body type because it’s universally flattering compared to other wedding gowns. 

Remember that A lines are fitted at the waist and flare out with skirts. As a result, A line gowns can make a petite, curvy, tall, or bride without a defined figure look like they have a well-defined waist. 

If your stomach or hip areas are your problem regions, an A line wedding dress would be your best choice. Curvy brides will look like they have a defined waist because of the cinched top and flaring skirt, while petite brides can look taller because the skirt is not fitted nor too voluminous. 


What do you wear under an A line wedding dress?

The best undergarment or shapewear under A line gowns is an A line silhouette slip. Bridal shops offer this pull-on slip designed for A line dresses because it enhances the shape of this specific wedding gown silhouette.

You will smoothen the torso, so no bumps or lumps are seen in the A line wedding dress’s fitted bodice. Then, the slip will prevent the skirt from collapsing between the bride’s legs when she’s walking or dancing for comfort. 

If you want to create a more defined hourglass figure, opt for a torsolette to further trim your waist with the A line bridal gown. Or, depending on the sleeve and neckline of the A line dress, wear a backless bodysuit or adhesive bra. 

For more tips on dressing under wedding dresses, here is what shapewear to wear under a wedding dress


What Does An A-Line Gown Look Like?

A lines are triangular, hence the name. A line wedding dresses start with a fitted bodice, then the skirt flares past the waist. 

The result on the bride is an hourglass figure; you can even define the waist with the right shapewear underneath. You can also ask the designer to add a belt or sash to accentuate the waist, especially if you have a smaller waistline. 


Drop waist vs natural waist A line wedding dress

Some A line wedding dresses come in drop waist or natural waist styles. A natural waist A line bridal gown means that the waistband of the dress is at the smallest point of your torso for a universally flattering and feminine figure. 

On the other hand, a drop waist wedding gown means that the dress waistband is below the smallest point of the torso. It’s around the hip area, so it only flatters women with boyish but slim body types. 


What is a modified A-line wedding dress?

You might encounter bridal boutiques offering modified A line wedding dresses. Unlike a traditional A line dress, the skirt of modified A lines is more fitted but still flares to the hem. 

If you want to emphasize your hips or already have a naturally curved figure, opt for this style of A line dress. 


What Is The Difference Between A Ball Gown And A-Line Dress?

A line dresses and ball gowns are often compared, but to quickly distinguish the two wedding dress silhouettes, the A line is a subtler version of the ball gown. 

Both wedding gowns have a fitted bodice with a flaring skirt. But of course, the ball gown is more voluminous, so it fits grander weddings and brides who want to feel and look like royalty. 

But because of the voluminous skirt, petite brides will look better in A line gowns to create a taller illusion. If you’re also moving a lot, wearing an A line dress is more comfortable as its skirt will not be as poofy. 



And that’s it! To recap what is an A line wedding dress, it’s a dress silhouette that has the same triangular shape as the letter A. 

The fitted waist but flowy flaring skirt creates an hourglass figure on brides. So naturally, it’s a universally flattering wedding gown style for any body shape.

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