Know Your Comfort Chair: What Is A Zero Gravity Chair?

What is a Zero Gravity Chair, you may ask? It is a piece of massage furniture that acts as a recliner to elevate your body in a neutral position.

It evenly distributes your weight to achieve a zero-gravity experience that only NASA astronauts feel when they are in space. However, what if we tell you it’s now available on earth?

Most of us, especially adults, are looking for ways to ease our body aches caused by our exhausting day-to-day activities. As a result of the high demand in solving this aching problem, a zero-gravity weightless experience is made just for you.

We will talk about the essential information you should know before you buy your own zero gravity chair. It happens to come in various functions and models, and we can help you identify what fits you best. It only implies that whoever said we couldn’t defy gravity on their song lyrics is lying to us.


How Does It Work?

As we are under a gravitational pull here on earth, can it work? The answer is yes.

This chair can function in two places, indoor and outdoor. Suppose you are experiencing uncomfortable body pain; the chair can distribute your weight evenly to release stress and pressure.

The zero gravity chair’s function depends on the model you choose. It can be manually or automatically set, depending on your preference. Manually speaking, as the body angle is in a reclined position, the chair’s footrest adjusts in extension to your height, which raises your legs abreast to your heart.

Powered chairs allow your body to adjust in a position according to your feeling of comfortability. Another advantage of powered zero gravity chairs is that it comes with various functions such as heat therapy, massage, and smart automated remote controls.


Sitting In Zero Gravity Chair

If you are in the mood of just resting temporarily, the chair can function in an upright sitting position. Your back should be resting fully on the chair with hands placed on the sides of the armrests.

You may also allow your body to sit without raising the footrest, but simply putting your feet below. You only have to make sure that the chair is locked and in a mode of sitting upright.


Reclining In Zero Gravity Chair

The best possible way to utilize your chair in relieving your back pain is through reclining. By raising your body, a weightless posture may lessen your tension. It can aid your body into a therapeutic condition of relaxation.

The zero gravity chair feels as if you’re floating in space. You can do exactly how you did it sitting upright. Next is to push the footrest bar as you forward until the chair reclines in a locked position.


What should I look for in zero gravity chairs?

Before deciding what model you will purchase, you must consider some things in making the right choice.


1. Durability

Your zero gravity chair should be durable enough. Test the framework and the metal to carry your weight and if it is rust-free to know if your chair can last.


2. Locking System

The lock of the zero gravity chair is crucial as this is for the reclining position. If the system is weak and can quickly break, the chair will not be helpful over time.


3. Fabric

You must also note the quality of the zero gravity chair’s fabric if used outdoors. It should be resistant to UV rays, or it will be colorless soon enough.


4. Headrest and Pillow

It would be best if you consider the headrest or the pillow, and it will be beneficial for both sitting and reclining since it is relaxing for the head and neck area.


Why Is A Zero Gravity Chair Beneficial?

Taking care of ourselves must always be our top priority since we are in a hustle to make a living. This zero gravity chair claims benefits for its users to make this happen.

First, the posture you make while sitting in a zero-gravity position can boost your blood flow and circulation. It reduces pressures brought about by workloads and problems you encounter almost every day.

Other than that, it also minimizes swelling in your affected areas. It can release the tension you feel on your neck or your spine.

Zero gravity chairs can also benefit your sleeping problems or your disoriented body clock. You will experience a relaxing sensation that may lead to 8 hours of sleep.

This zero-gravity experience can also improve your stamina and can allow your muscles to relax. You can lessen the exhaustion you feel by just using this chair for a good 20 minutes.



Now you know the answer to “what is a zero gravity chair,” knowing how it works and its benefits can make you understand why you should consider purchasing one. It offers comfort not only within the corners of your home, but also on outside activities.

It is portable (depending on the model) and it can lessen the stress brought by work and a hostile environment. You can finally defy gravity or become an astronaut yourself in a less complicated way.

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