What Is A Wingback Chair? A Helpful Guide To Its 6 Types

You should check out this article for those who want to know what is a wingback chair. We will mention what this chair does with its different types and how you will be able to design it with a wingback chair.


what is a wingback chair

What Is The Wingback Chair?

A wingback chair is a type of furniture that has wings attached to the back of the chair that stretches down to the seat’s armrest. The wings’ purpose is to shield the person sitting on the chair from the drafts and to trap the heat coming from the fireplace in an area a person would usually sit. Usually, this type of chair is placed near the fireplace because of the purpose of the chair.

This type of chair can also be called an “easy chair” or a “club chair.” The wingback chair was first introduced in England in the 1600s, and the traditional look of this chair design remains unchanged ever since it was first introduced to people around the world and became popular until the year of 1720s.


What is it made of? 

The wingback chair is usually made with exposed wood legs. At the same time, the old type of wingback chair has an exposed frame along with padded cushions around the armrests, back, seat, and sometimes the wings that make the person sit on this type of chair very comfortable.

You can also pick from different types, but the two standard wing styles are the flat wing and the scroll wing, among the numerous types of wingback chairs. There are also bat wings and butterfly wings, depending on your preference. You have to consider the length, depth, shape of the wings, and vertical position that may vary to the chair you want to upholster.


Types of wingback chairs


Highland high seat chair

This type of wingback chair is perfect for individuals with back issues like our elderlies as it helps the ample back and lumbar support with its standard height. Its uniqueness helps alleviate the pain that a person feels on their shoulders and lower hip. Upholstery-wise, this chair has a nice sturdy frame that can support and be flexible with its stability.


Fabric wingback armchair

The design of this wingback armchair is a perfect match for you if you want to conserve space in your house. This chair is perfect for the modern setting of your home.

The linen fabric gives a soft touch to your seat when you are improving the seat’s durability. The seat has sturdy rubber and wood legs that can add to the seat’s safety, stability, and durability.


Recliner wingback armchair

This chair design is excellent for different house settings. You can place it in a lounge, bedroom, living room, and cinema room.

These are used to design the seat to be long lasting and sturdy, which makes its positions liable even for an extended period. When you purchase this kind of seat, you’ll feel comfortable when you’re doing different activities.


Bedroom wingback chair

This seat’s perfect for bedrooms and hotels. The material used for this type of wingback chair is a sturdy wooden leg that can add durability to the seat design.


Buckingham traditional wingback armchair 

This traditional wingback armchair is designed with an occasional buttoned accent with wooden legs. The seat is placed in a bedroom or living room. This chair gives an elegant touch to your home to match your product and other furniture in your house.


Wing high back chair

This chair has stylish deep padding that is a good fit for your house setting that is advanced. The design is suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, and conservatives because of its unique designs. The width and height of the seat can accommodate people with different body types.


How can I decorate my wingback chair?


Pick the right spot

If you purchase a wingback chair, this piece of furniture can make a statement anywhere in your house. Choose the right spot for your chair that can block drafts and heat from the fireplace.

So, you might want to place your chair in front of the fireplace. This chair can be set in an empty corner of your room.


Be traditional

This type of chair is typically used as traditional home decor. To mix up the house’s ambiance, you can combine it with other classic pieces to make a better appearance.


Go for contrast

The form of the wingback chair helps stand out in a room. However, you can make a bolder look with some pieces and accents in your room. You can contrast with different textures.



You can add throw pillows with a contrasting color or pattern that can help spice up the look of your chair. You can also use a lamp or potted tree to give some height to your chair.



Now that you’ve reached the end of this article, we hope that you’ve learned what is a wingback chair. This type of purchase will be worth it for your home. Just take into consideration the types and tips that’ll be an excellent fit for your place.

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