What Is A Wedding Venue Versus Reception Venue

The answer to what is a wedding venue is it’s the location where the wedding ceremony is held. We will also compare different kinds of wedding venues as they are used to describe where the wedding reception will happen. 

Furthermore, you’ll know how to choose the best wedding venue for your wedding below. But speaking of venues, you might also be interested to read what is a wedding reception later as well. 

what is a wedding venue


What Is A Wedding Venue: Definition And What To Expect

Wedding venues refer to the place or site where the wedding ceremony is held. They can also refer to reception venues, where the celebration after the ceremony can happen. 

A wedding may have two venues: one for the ceremony and one for the reception, especially if the former is a place of worship or a place that can only be booked for limited hours. However, it’s also not unlikely for small and intimate weddings such as those held outdoors or in the backyard to use the same venue for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception. 

This way, you’ll save on booking costs, and the guests don’t need to worry about the transportation to move from one place to another. You’ll only need to entertain everyone as the ceremony venue is redecorated into a reception venue.


What Is The Difference Between Reception And Venue?

The difference between reception and a venue is the former refers to the party or celebration held after the wedding ceremony. On the other hand, the venue is the place for the marriage ceremony. 


Reception can also mean a place

However, there are also wedding venues meant to accommodate a wedding reception. Therefore, the couple might also use the term reception to describe where it will happen. 

If you’re invited to a wedding reception, you’ll go to the place where the couple will have it. And for the venue, it’s often meant to describe where the wedding ceremony will happen. 

Since destination weddings often make the most of the new location, you’ll likely have information cards describing how to travel to the wedding venue and reception. Please check the directions carefully and plan your route to arrive on time. 

And for couples with two venues for their ceremony and reception, please know how to make directions cards for a wedding


What Is The Most Popular Type Of Wedding Venue?

A wedding venue can’t be described one way because there are different kinds to suit various weddings. Understand how they vary from one another to know how to pick the best one for your ceremony or reception venue. 


Ceremony vs reception venue

The ceremony venue is usually solemn and indoors, especially for a traditional and conservative wedding. The reception venue, on the other hand, can be indoor or outdoor, but it’s more casual as the reception is meant for dancing and mingling with the guests. 

But nowadays, even ceremony venues can have a theme, depending on the type of wedding. There are also formal reception venues, especially black-tie receptions. 


Indoor vs outdoor venue

Wedding venues can be outdoor or indoor, depending on the couple’s preferred location for their ceremony or reception. For example, beach and park weddings are popular, especially destination weddings. 

The couple can book a hall, restaurant, or hotel for their indoor wedding if the weather is not conducive to outdoor events. However, identifying what’s more affordable between indoor and outdoor weddings will be difficult since there are cheap outdoor venues where you only need to pay for a permit, like the one required by LA County for a beach wedding. 


Religious vs non-religious venue

A wedding venue can also be religious or non-religious. For example, a church wedding is a religious wedding venue, while other places that are not under any religious denomination is a non-religious wedding venues. 

Note that religious wedding venues have regulations you must follow. You should check with them regarding the type of ceremony you’ll have, the requirements to provide, and if decorating the site is allowed. 


What Do You Look For In A Wedding Venue?

  • Make sure the venue is convenient for you and the guests’ accommodations
  • The wedding venue should suit your wedding budget
  • The wedding venue complements the wedding theme and is ideal for the type of wedding you want to have
  • The venue’s coordinator should be easy to work with
  • It would be better if the wedding venue offers packages that include the decors, catering, and other wedding vendors to save you the hassle of planning
  • Make sure the venue is big enough for your guest’s size
  • The venue’s policies and the contract should be fair; read what is a wedding venue site fee as it often surprises couples 
  • Consider venues that offer parking and accommodations as well
  • To save on costs, choose the exact location for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception or they should be near each other


How Important Is The Wedding Venue?

The wedding venue is significant because it’s where you’ll have the ceremony and/or reception for the wedding. It should be comfortable and allows you to portray the theme and type of wedding you want. 



And that’s it! You just learned what is a wedding venue, which is where the wedding ceremony or reception will happen. 

The reception is also sometimes the term used to describe the venue for the reception, so be mindful of reading the invitation. We hope this helped you choose the perfect venue; let us know below if you have questions. 

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