What Is A Throw Blanket? Everything To Know

If you want to know what is a throw blanket, it’s simply a smaller item that serves functions not limited to visual appeal. Much like throw pillows, throw blankets are versatile because of their design, size, and materials. This article will discuss this nifty product in more detail below. 

But first, why should you bother with throw blankets? As you will read later on, the throw blanket is more than an aesthetic piece. Furthermore, it can be considered a home must-have along with your bed sheets and duvets. 

What Is A Throw Blanket


What Is A Throw Blanket And How Do You Use It?

Throw blankets are smaller blankets that you put on the sofa as decorative pieces. However, their purpose is not limited to aesthetics because you can also snuggle a throw blanket when you’re hanging out in the living room. Therefore, these pieces shouldn’t only look good but also feel good when wrapped around the body.


What are throw blankets used for?

As we have mentioned, these are decorative blankets that you can also use while lounging. You can easily remember their use from the name itself, similar to the purpose of having throw pillows. Throw blankets come in different designs and materials, so you can get creative in how you’ll use them to enhance your sofa. 


1. Use throw blankets as decoration

You don’t have to match the pillows and couch when selecting a throw blanket to add. It can be a different color or texture as long as it complements the overall theme. You’re also not limited to only draping the throw because some styles work well as tapestry.


2. Use throw blankets for relaxing

Besides the design, be mindful of the material your throw blanket uses. It should be breathable and soft to keep you cozy when used. What’s great with most throw blankets is you can use them year-round because you can layer for winter or use only one for summer.


3. Use throw blankets to protect your furniture

Pieces of furniture are pretty expensive, so it’s only natural that you want to keep them in pristine conditions. Why not keep your living room stylish while sneakily using the blanket as a furniture cover? It will keep the sofa clean from dust and other build-ups.


Why Is It Called A Throw?

If you ever wondered why throw blankets are called throw, it’s because of the manner you put them on the sofa. You’ll “throw” the piece of material over your couch as a decoration or cover, the same way that you’ll “throw” decorative pillows on it. But regardless if you throw or simply lay it on the sofa, the throw blanket will retain its name. 


Types of throw blankets


1. Throw blanket sizes

The standard size of a throw blanket is 50 by 60 inches, but you can expect to find variations from these dimensions. Some are even larger, which is excellent if you want to use the blanket more than decor. However, we think this standard size is helpful because it’s enough to cover your lap without spilling on the floor and bothering those in the room.


2. Throw blanket materials

You can also differentiate throw blankets based on the materials they use. The most popular ones are cotton and fleece because of the many design options without sacrificing the blanket’s feel. Cotton is also cool for use, while the fleece is excellent year-round.

If you live somewhere cold, you can opt for cashmere and faux fur throw blankets because it’s thick. But if you’re aiming to protect the furniture, microfiber is a useful material that can protect against liquids.


What Is The Difference Between A Throw And A Blanket?

It’s easy to identify a throw blanket from a typical blanket we use for sleep. You’ll notice that it’s smaller and won’t cover more than half of the body. Regular bed blankets also rarely come in various styles and are more monochromatic in designs and colors. A throw blanket will suffice if you want supplementary warmth, but a proper blanket is more ideal for a good night’s sleep.


Can You Sleep With A Throw Blanket?

You can still sleep with a throw blanket, but the size might not suffice to wrap you in bed. Remember that its standard dimensions are only 50 by 60 inches, so it will not reach past your legs or upper body for covering loosely. However, it can serve as a security blanket or something comfortable to touch to help you fall asleep. 

As we have discussed, there are different throw blanket materials, and you can select one that will feel best for sleeping. You can add your throw blanket to the bed along with your primary blanket as well. 


How Do You Use A Throw Blanket On A Bed?

There is no particular rule to follow when placing a throw blanket on the bed. However, a neat way to make your bed is to drape it over one corner of the foot or align the folded blanket horizontally at the end. 



You’ve heard of throw pillows, but there are also throw blankets. What is a throw blanket? It’s a smaller material that you can still snuggle with but comes in more designs and colors for aesthetic purposes. 

It has a good size to put over your legs when lounging on the sofa without becoming a slipping hazard on the floor. You can also use it at night and then place it on the bed as decor along with your pillows.