What Is A Temperature Blanket? Best Overall Guide

If someone asks what is a temperature blanket, you can simply tell them that it’s a knitted blanket. It is so-called because the blanket’s rows symbolize the whole year. But what’s the connection of temperature?

What makes this blanket even more unique is that the colors for each day in the year are connected to the temperature to expect. The result looks aesthetically pleasing and somewhat cozier due to its connections with your local area’s conditions.  Continue reading below to learn more about temperature blankets.

What Is A Temperature Blanket


Everything You Need To Know About A Temperature Blanket


What is a temperature blanket (and why is it called a temperature blanket?)

A temperature blanket is a crocheted or knitted colorful blanket that pertains to the whole calendar year’s temperature. This is why it’s called a temperature blanket because you’ll crochet each day with different colors signifying the weather outside. You’ll base it on your area’s climate, and you can select the colors yourself. 

You’re also not limited to the pattern you can use for a temperature blanket. The easiest and perhaps the more traditional temperature blankets use rows of single crochet, but it’s also common to use a granny square or even chevron patterns nowadays. Granite stitch is also an exciting stitch to use in a temperature blanket. 


Should you crochet or knit a temperature blanket?

The fantastic thing about this project is you can either crochet or knit it, depending on which you find more comfortable. If you opt to crochet a temperature blanket, use DK yarn and a 4mm hook. You can cast on 212 stitches and one row for a day. 

What about a knitted temperature blanket? A DK yarn will also be helpful and a needle size of 4mm. Have two rows for a day and cast on 232 stitches. 


How Do You Start A Temperature Blanket?

The first thing to do when making a temperature blanket is to create a temperature gauge according to your location. If your local weather tends to be stable throughout the year, a valuable tip to have more colors in the blanket is to assign fewer temperatures for a specific color. Otherwise, you can set more temperatures in a color without worrying about variations if your area has fluctuating weather.


How to make the perfect temperature blanket

Once you have the temperature gauge, decide on the colors and how you will place them to match the theme you’re going for. Perhaps you want the blanket to blend in your room or sofa. Most people prefer a monochromatic style, but remember that there’s no rule in choosing a flow pattern. 

After the colors, decide on the stitch you’ll use for the temperature blanket. The key is never to use something too tall. More so, remember that it should be a stitch you enjoy doing because you’re going to repeat it many times. 


How Many Stitches Do You Cast On For A Temperature Blanket?

Decide on the pattern for the blanket, whether it’s a garter or stockinette stitch. You can cast on 35 stitches for 25 rows or four stitches and five rows to the inch when you measure your gauge. And since you’re working on a temperature blanket, you can make one row each day if you start at the beginning of the year or fewer rows per week if you want to crochet less often. 


Crochet stitches for temperature blankets

There are many stitches you can use for a temperature blanket but select the one that you don’t mind repeating over and over again. Some common and neat-looking ones are half-double crochet, crochet slip stitch, and corner-to-corner stitch. They are also beginner-friendly, but for a quicker project, single crochet tops the list. 

Moss stitch will be ideal for those who will work with lesser colors. And what if you want textures? Single crochet ripple stitch, apache tears stitch, and shell stitch will require patience, but they are worth it once finished. 


How Many Chains Do You Need For A Temperature Blanket?

You will need 200 chains to make a temperature blanket. You can also compute according to your gauge swatch. For example, divide the width of the blanket by the width per stitch. This computation is also helpful to know how wide or tall your finished temperature blanket will be.


How Much Yarn Is Needed For A Temp Blanket?

The yarn you’ll need for your temperature blanket will depend on the size you want to achieve. More so, the weather or colors you’ll use will also affect how many skeins you’ll need.  A throw will need 12 skeins, but it’s always helpful to allocate more than this estimate. 



One of the most memorable ways to keep track of the year is a temperature blanket. But what is a temperature blanket? A quick recap of this article is that a temperature blanket is a crocheted or knitted blanket with its colors according to the climate of the whole year. 

You can choose the color palette and stitches yourself to make the project even more personal. However, please remember that you can still start a temperature blanket any time of the year. If we helped you with this article, please leave a comment, and happy knitting (or crocheting)!