What Is A Swing Bed Unit? 4 Interesting Facts!

Do you also ask the question, “what is a swing bed unit?”

Well, in simple terms, a swing bed unit is a skilled nursing facility organized by Medicare.

what is a swing bed unit

Maybe you want to avail services such as therapies and wound care.

Perhaps, you have a relative that has gotten into an accident that has Medicare or Medicaid.

Whatever reason you have for your inquiry, it doesn’t really matter.

But I guess it is indeed important to the point that you want to learn more about the swing bed unit.

If profound information is what you are looking for, then this article is for you.

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Important Truths About A Swing Bed Unit

So, what is a swing bed unit?

Basically, a swing bed unit is a facility that offers services provided by country hospitals or Critical Access Hospitals to patients with Medicare or Medicaid.

This allows patients to quickly transition from acute care to Skilled Nursing Facility care without getting out of the hospital.

In this section, you will be presented with some important questions that are provided with legitimate answers.


Question #1. What is the purpose of a swing bed unit?

Can you imagine the hassle of going in and going out of the hospital because of the necessary moves that you have to take?

Such moves may include transfer from one hospital to another, or maybe you have to be transferred to a nursing care facility.

Maybe you want to feel home-like care, that’s why you chose to go home regularly.

These things are a must to do, but isn’t it exhausting – especially if you are experiencing some pain, or maybe if not you, a loved one?

So, a swing bed unit can cancel all these hassles since the transition mentioned earlier does not require the patient to move out of the hospital.

Isn’t it amazing?

You have to stay in one place for you to have this extra care that you need.


Question #2. Who is qualified to enter a swing bed unit?

The very thing that a person needs to enter or avail of Skilled Nurse Facility care is permission or authorization from their physician.

He or she might not need to. So, yes, it depends on what the doctor tells you.

The person must have experienced at least three-day acute care from a hospital before having Skilled Nursing Facility Care.

Another prerequisite is that the patient must have participated in Medicare Part A.

However, other insurance plans may be able to cover the price of this service.


Question #3. Are there things necessary to bring before entering the unit?

Discharging of a patient in a swing bed unit usually happens after 21 days of stay.

Also, an important thing to note is that there are no laundry houses inside the facility.

Therefore, a patient must bring enough comfy clothes.

If the patient stayed longer, it would be rude to bring all of his clothes from home.

The patient may let their family provide their clothing regularly.

Just like if you are attending camps, you must bring your necessities such as a toothbrush, soap, shoes, and the like.

The same goes if you’ll enter a swing bed unit.

It is also recommended that a patient bring some remembrance of their family, such as photos that may provide comfort during their stay.

Yes. Entering a swing bed unit doesn’t require much since it is the patient’s life sought to be taken care of by the professionals inside.


Question #4. What are the services offered in a swing bed unit?

The short answer would be a yes.

But here, we will try to define some of the services available inside the unit.


Service #1. Physical therapy

If a person got injured or has a hard time doing simple daily tasks, then physical therapy might be an option given by his or her doctor.

This therapy aims to help a patient physically function well or help a person recover from physical pain brought by injuries.


Service #2. Wound care

As suggested by its name, it is the act of caring, or the more suitable term would be healing, of a wound.

Admit it.

Some patients cannot take care of their wounds by themselves alone. Some wounds need extra care.

This therapy aims to prevent further complications of the wounds, or the wounds can cause that.

This includes wound dressing and regular drug intake.


Service #3. Speech therapy

This therapy is for persons who have communication problems and disorders.

The program includes treatment, as well as assessment of one’s speech condition.

Speech problems can be developed in a person’s early childhood or caused by injuries from accidents or diseases such as stroke.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have learned important truths regarding your inquiry, “what is a swing bed unit?”.

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