What Is A Steam Washer? 4 Helpful Benefits!

What is a steam washer?  It is a specific type of machine that utilizes more steam than water when cleaning fabrics and clothes. While some people have already forgotten steam as an effective cleaning tool, some still realize its positive effects in cleaning fabrics.

Steam can be gentle and reduce wrinkles, and make clothes even softer. So far, many manufacturers have made several washer models known for home use.

what is a steam washer

A steam washer is beneficial in the sense that it uses less power and demands less water as compared to a traditional washer. Plus, it only requires a small amount of water when producing a considerable amount of steam. That is why a steam washer may utilize only less energy throughout the cleaning cycle.


Methods To Steam To The Washing Cycle

Steam washer follows other different methods as it adds steam to the washing cycle. Some also use water at the rub to make steam. Some models also create steam in separate compartments but with a specialized tool that generates steam. Now this specialized tool shoots the steam from a tube and right through the nozzle. The release of steam occurs through the laundry tub. Determine the steam washer and the types that are the most effective.  Better to research those models that suit your particular needs.


Washing Phases Of A Steam Washer

A steam washer works using three cycles, same as a non-steam washer, only that it uses steam for its more excellent result. Here are the phases that a steam washer undergoes.


  • Pre-wash stage

    At this stage is where the water will fill the washtub. The mixed water and steam saturate the clothes completely.


  • Washing stage

    This phase is wherein you add the detergent, or you drain it automatically onto the washtub. The steam highlighted in the process increases the temperature in the washing machine. Thus, it enhances the cleaning power. Steam also added better dissolve the detergent and give fabrics an effective wash.


  • Post-washing stage

    The steam washer also undergoes the process of post-washing. The steam increases its temperature inside and thus helps sterilize the fabrics. This process involves steam to reduce wrinkles further while it softens the fabrics. Good thing, many steam washer models are already round to reduce allergens in fabric and clothing. The steam increases the temperature of washing the clothes and breaks apart the allergens. Machines are known to be very effective when reducing allergens.


Many Benefits To Offer

A steam washer is beginning to gain popularity. It is because it utilizes steam to increase sanitizing ability and cleaning efficiency. On the other hand, the usual washing machine depends much on movement and water to clean. Below are the many varied benefits offered by a steam washer.


#1. Less wrinkling

It is incredible to know that a steam washer comes with anti-wrinkling capability. It is proven to be gentle to fabric materials as its steam cycle utilizes only less agitation. The steam will soften the clothes after you set them at their normal wash cycle. The standard front-loading washer spins up to about 1,000 rpm, which removes the laundry’s moisture and thus reduces drying time. The result is that more wrinkles come out of the clothing. But with a steam washer, it does not leave any crease and leaves you with minimal ironing. You may also be interested to read why you need a wringer washer


#2. More cleaning capability

Hot water helps remove stains and dirt. Set it up at 130 degree Fahrenheit. This hotness is somehow not enough for some stains. But the steam generator in the steam washer can heat 212 degrees Fahrenheit. This steam washer setting can break down detergents effectively. The heat enables the fibers in the fabric to absorb more and release more stains. Thus, cleaner clothes come out from using a steam washer. I suggest you read about why does my washer smell and how to prevent and clean it


#3. Sanitation

Traditional machines cannot achieve a water temperature of 171 degrees Fahrenheit. That is when it is not possible to achieve sanitation. Thus, a steam washer is very much useful for families who experience allergies. It can effectively kill allergens.


#4. More efficiency

A steam washer utilizes less water as compared to a conventional washer with the presence of steam. It can utilize up to nine fewer gallons than the traditional washer. In addition, the steam washer utilizes less energy than a front-loading or top-loading machine. This is because the steam would expand in the tub, taking less energy in heating the water. It may be helpful to read how to use a washer



Steam Washer At Its Valued Price

It’s noteworthy to consider the steam washer, especially its reasonable price making it an excellent choice for your and your family who suffer from allergies. In addition, its wash cycle enhances the quality of washing and cleaning clothes. It may also be a good idea to know how much should I sell my washer and dryer


It’s A Wrap!

You know now what is a steam washer. It is proven effective in improving the cleanliness of the clothing. The steam removes germs and dissolves detergent a lot better. Its many valuable benefits are worth the money spent on it.

A steam washer will be an excellent choice for perfect and sanitized clothes for skincare or allergies reasons. For sure, it will become less expensive for everyone to buy. And, many energy-efficient steam washer models will come out to make an easier decision!

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