What Is A Stadium Blanket And Its 4 Helpful Qualities

Though its name already suggests what it is, wouldn’t it be nice to know what is a stadium blanket exactly, and how would you know if the one you’re getting is of top-notch quality?


what is a stadium blanket

Since stadiums and practically all sorts of outdoor activities had been sprouting all around the globe, tools and equipment to carry around while doing them also appear left and right.


One of these pieces of equipment is stadium blankets.


Blankets these days are made for almost any purpose there is.


While they started only as something we need for our sleep, now they are available for nearly anything.


There are blankets for a specific exercise, some for picnics, some for camping, and even those representing a country’s history.


For each of these purposes, blankets are made to cover your needs accurately.


Though blankets are made with a specific goal in mind, almost all are not reserved only for a single purpose.


They can encompass lots of needs and environments that choosing a good quality each time you get them are always suitable investments.


Later on, we’ll also tackle what qualities would make your spending on a stadium blanket worth it other than defining it.


What Is A Stadium Blanket?

Stadium blankets are made to protect you and keep you comfy outdoors while you’re cheering for your favorite team.


May it be on an open field or stadium, we all know that sporting events are always subject to weather conditions.


Sports events and concerts, and other large-crowd events need attendees who can protect themselves when the sky decides to act up.


Stadium blankets are primarily made with materials that can cover you from heat, cold, and rain.


While protecting you from these conditions, these blankets are also focused on convenience, which can be used either by a single person, a couple, or even an entire family.


We did mention that blankets are not just one thing; this is also true for the stadium blankets.


Since they are mainly for outdoor activities, you can also carry them on other trips like campings and picnics.


The materials used for each of these blankets prioritize outdoor environments; that’s why they are pretty versatile and even stylish.


What Is A Stadium Blanket’s Noteworthy Qualities?

Since you already know what a stadium blanket is, you should have a bit of an idea of how it will look and how you’re going to use it.


If you’re about to buy one, you’re probably wondering which you should pick and what makes a particular product stand out.


Here are some qualities you can check for that product:



We’re sure that the blanket is not the only thing you’re bringing with you to that game.


We suspect there’d be food, drinks, and other things that you prepared with you for that long game. 


So that you don’t end up tripping on all those stuff, it’s best to get a stadium blanket that’s portable and not too bulky.


It will also be a bonus if it comes with a lock or a bag, so it’s easy to bring around.


We wouldn’t want you bumping on other members of the audience and getting an earful of a complaint.



Pick a stadium blanket that is made with materials that not only keep you comfortable, but will keep you away from getting drenched.


Especially on frequently rained locations, you wouldn’t want to be interrupted during the game with a sudden downpour and go home dripping.


Other than having your team lose, that is also an absolute mood-killer.


Since you’re going to use this blanket mostly outdoors, waterproofing is also ideal, so you can use the blanket as a mat to lie on the ground.


Other than the waterproof, the heat can also get to you, so something that regulates heat well is also good.


Perfect size

Whether you’re going to use this blanket for yourself or with a company, getting the correct size also matters.


You might have a large body, or in the smaller category, the blanket should be able to cover at least from head to hip (or half of your body).


It will be a different case if you’re planning to bring it with you to a camp.


For that, you’ll need something large and warm enough for any environmental condition.


The size is going to directly affect its bulkiness which should also come into consideration.



Outdoor activities invite tons of chances to get your blanket soiled, so you’ll need one that is perfectly washable dozens of times.


Though it would depend on how often and where you will use it, we can guarantee that it will need lots of cleaning. 


You’ll need to look for a stadium blanket that is durable and tough enough to stay versatile after a few washes.


Some of these blankets tend to curl and stiffen after washing and drying because of the waterproofing, but the right material trade-offs should suffice.


Blankets can have some and even all of these characteristics at once, so all you need to do is weigh which one suits you best.



There isn’t anything too hard to understand about what is a stadium blanket, but we hope you’re able to understand why it is essential to your trip.


High-quality materials also cost high.


However, if you balance these too with the importance of your journey, then that best stadium blanket should be within your reach.