What Is A Split California King Mattress? 4 Best Features

What is a split California king mattress?

It is a mattress in the same size as the king mattress. The only difference, it is split into two.

What is a split California king mattress

Everybody loves to sleep in a place with lots of space, so you have plenty of room to move when you sleep.

Not only will you be able to move freely, but it will also lessen the possibility of falling over the bed.

But with all of those bed mattresses available in the market, which ones should you choose?


A Split California King Mattress

There are instances where I fell from the bed when I was still sharing my bed with my sister, so I thought I needed a new one.

As I browse through shops online, I found out about king-sized and split king mattresses.

The king-sized bed is familiar to me, but what is a split California king mattress?

This kind of mattress is the same size as the standard king-size bed, but it has been separated into two. Sounds convenient, right?

It is made up of two Twin XL that make up a king-sized bed beside each other.

The thing is, you can use them separately or cover them as one. So I decided this was perfect for my sister and me.


King Size and Split King Size California Mattress

Both the king and the Split King size are the most prominent mattress size there is. Although which one would you prefer?


Benefits Of A Split King California Mattress

Innovation solves various problems. They are made for the convenience of all.

And with that, a split king mattress is made with lots of benefits.

But what are these benefits that we are talking about right now?


Benefit #1. Home moving issues

Imagine yourself moving a large bed. Just thinking makes you feel tired, right?

But with the Split King, you can move each mattress one by one.

Why would you buy a single large bed when you can buy the same large bed split into two?


Benefit #2. Snoring

Snoring is a great enemy of a good night’s sleep. Your dreams get crushed by a sudden snore that could ruin the rest of the day.

But thanks to this type of mattress, the Split King also helps stop snoring.

This mattress has an adjustable base wherein you can raise the head part of the bed to a position that will stop this destructive noise.


Benefit #3. Motion transfer

We are awakened up by snoring and the continuous moving that our partner makes while sleeping.

Those movements bother us at night and the constant getting in and out of bed.

Luckily, having a split king bed will ease the motion transfer.

It allows each user to have his or her area wherein the impact of their movement is separated.

That way, you won’t be disturbed by the continuous movement while snuggled up in bed.


Benefit #4. Personal space

Yes, cuddling under the sheets is a way to strengthen one’s relationship with the other, but we also need some space.

It’s natural to have different styles and rituals before we sleep.

You can enjoy reading or scrolling social media with the split king while the other is drifting deep into slumber.


King-Size Mattress

King-sized beds measure 75 inches by 80 inches. It is an excellent choice for those who need more space when they are sleeping.


Benefits Of A King Sized California Mattress

Here are the benefits of a King sized mattress:


Large space

Of course, since it is the most prominent mattress size available in the market, it will also guarantee you a large sleeping area.


Best fit for larger rooms

You won’t have to worry about filling your big bedroom’s empty spaces as with a larger bed.

The room will feel right once you place it in the room.



Here are some disadvantages:


Not suitable for smaller rooms at 12×12 feet

Since it has a large frame size, the king-sized beds are not fit for smaller rooms than a 12×12 feet dimension.

If you place a king-sized with a small room, it will be cramped unless you make those space-saving bed frames that are on-trend nowadays.


Difficult to move

The bigger the item, the harder it to be moved from one place and another. It is also heavy due to the compact of materials inside the mattress.


What to pick between the two?

If you were to ask me, I’d much prefer the split king bed since it offers more features than the regular king-sized bed.

It’s easier to move, and it’s convenient. I have been using one for a month now, and I have had the best sleep so far.

Even though I still share the same room with my sister, I am never bothered by her movements during the night.

That is all.

If you are buying a new mattress and wondering how to handle it properly, read this article.



It is advantageous to know a split California king mattress because you can enjoy these benefits aside from having the space you need.

May you be sleeping with your sibling like I do or are uncomfortable with your partner’s sleeping habits, this mattress is perfect for you.

Say goodbye to those sleepless nights and hello to a good morning and a great start to your day.

Now you know what is a split California king mattress!