What Is A Slide In Stove? 3 Awesome Advantages!

Do you wonder if what is a slide in stove? Well, this is a type of range that is designed with contoured sides. Its cooktop is protruding slightly, allowing you to slide it between two connecting cabinets during installation. As a result, the cooktop is resting above the countertop from each side.

The cooktop of the range and its contoured sides will prevent food from falling onto the spaces between the cabinets and range. It is ideal to use this kind of stove if you desire to have a complete kitchen fitting. This is among the most cost-effective option. It can also make kitchen clean-up easier.

what is a slide in stove


Slide-In Vs. Freestanding Stove

The main difference between the two is the installation. Freestanding stoves can stand alone. But this can also be mounted between cabinets. On the other hand, slide-in stoves are particularly designed to sit between kitchen cabinets only to offer an effortless look.

The sides of the slide-in ranges are unfinished to it is not suitable to stand alone. Furthermore, it has different configurations. The controls are placed in front or at the top of the unit and it has no back guard.

Freestanding stoves, on the other hand, have a back guard where the controls are positioned. More importantly, the slide-in ones look more appealing since are blending well with the rest of the kitchen setup compared to a freestanding one. For instance, you have a yellow wall, your stove must complement its color. The same is true with other things found in your kitchen. You may also be interested to know what color curtains go with yellow walls in the kitchen.


Advantages Of A Slide-In Stove

You won’t know what is a slide in stove without figuring out its advantages. In this section, you are about to know some of the many other benefits of installing this type of stove.


#1. Unobstructed backsplash

As mentioned, this type of stove comes with many advantages. For one thing, they are offering an unobstructed backsplash view. It does not limit you to place the unit against the wall.


#2. Front controls

Slide-in stoves have their controls in front. The knobs of the cooktops are placed on the surface, making it easier for you to control them when cooking. In addition, you need not reach onto the hot surface. This will lessen the risk of you getting splashed. In other words, the risks of you burning yourself will be lesser.


#3. Easy cleanup

The edges also bring an advantage. This provides a cover of about an inch so that the liquids or foods will not fall between the appliance and the cabinet. With this, your cooking will be easier, injury-free, and cleaner. Not only that, but it will also make your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing.


Will It Stick Out?

A slide in the stove can perfectly blend with the entire kitchen. Even if the oven door is open, its front side ends will not stick out since the edges are equal to your cabinets. If you close the oven door, the handle and door must only protrude some inches from the cabinet lines. It will fit with the setup of your kitchen perfectly. It won’t be sticking out if installed correctly. Only its door and handle will stick but not too much. I guess it’s helpful if you also know how to fix water damaged under sink kitchen cabinet.


Is A Backsplash Required For This?

Unlike freestanding ranges, a slide-in range is not designed with a back guard that is too bulky. Instead, it is designed to be more inaccessible and with better aesthetics. The controls are positioned upfront making it more accessible. Its set-up is also displaying the backsplash without a bulky back guard that takes up the wall.

If you do not previously own a slide-in range in your kitchen, it is best to install some tile backsplash at the back of the stove so that it will extend towards the level of the countertop. Otherwise, you will be having a small black wall at the back. The tile won’t also match.

This is an important consideration if you transition from freestanding to slide in stove. More than anything else, this is often selected by homeowners for aesthetics. But it means that you will have to renovate the whole kitchen if matching materials or tiles are not available.


Does It Sit Onto The Floor?

Just like most kitchen appliances, slide-in stoves are sitting on the floor. They do not float. But it seems like they do since they are holding onto the countertops. With that being said, you need to make sure you have a hard floor. Like your refrigerator or any heavy appliance, the range can settle in soft floorings like carpeting or cushioned vinyl. Before I forget, it’s best to find out what is a counter-depth fridge too.

Anyway, it would help if you placed a piece of plywood onto your soft floor so that it will assist you in moving the range easily during clean-up and service. Doing so will also prevent it from sinking to the floor. So whether you have a stand-alone stove or position it in between two kitchen cabinets, it can sit on the floor. Just ensure to put a material underneath it so that it will support its weight.


It’s A Wrap!

Since you have reached the end of this post, you surely figured out now what is a slide in stove, its advantages, configuration, and its difference with freestanding ones.

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