What Is A Slatted Bed Base From Ikea? 3 Best Types!

Do you also ask the question, “what is a slatted bed base from Ikea?”

All slatted bed bases are generally of the same purpose, but Ikea offers different types.

what is a slatted bed base from Ikea

A slatted bed base along with the frame comprises the support system of a bed, though there are beds that don’t choose slats as their base.

Do you get it? Yes, you’re right!

There are different kinds of mattress support, and slates are just one of the many.

Now, what is with the Ikea slatted bed base that differs from others?

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What A Slatted Bed Base From Ikea Is?

There is no better way to answer our main inquiry- what is a slatted bed base from Ikea- than to present its types.

It’s like slicing whole bread so that someone will be able to eat it without getting choked.

This section will carefully look at the different types of slatted bed bases from Ikea to grasp the whole idea.


Type #1. Luroy slatted Ikea bed base

The construction and design of this type of slatted bed base perfectly fit an Ikea bed frame.

However, if this Ikea slatted bed base entices you, you can still purchase one.

Just make sure that it will fit the current frame that you have.

Take note that this slatted bed is designed for beds that have a middle beam.

If you partner this base to a bed without the said part, this would easily wear out.

This bed base comprises 17 slats that easily adjust to the sleeper’s weight due to its unique design.

It is made of different veneers and an exceptional coating.

Also, it is available in different sizes that can be suitable for full-sized beds, twin beds, queen beds, and king beds.

Maintenance of this bed base is as easy as wiping off dirt with just a towel, water, and detergent.

It is also beneficial to mention here that the products of Ikea are supported with a 25-year warranty covering all the defaults of the manufacturing process.


Type #2. Lonset slatted Ikea bed base

This type of slatted bed base from Ikea is an improvement of the previous type, primarily because it comprises 30 slat layers.

These slats provide an increased level of support, and the materials that make this slatted bed base are far better than the Luroy.

The price is higher than the first one, but in the end, you will realize that buying such a bed base is worth it.

Just like the Luroy slats, this one is also built for Ikea bed frames.

Still, you have to make sure that the bed you have has this middle beam to stabilize this bed base.

Most people buy this type of slatted bed base from Ikea because they want to replace the Luroy slats.

So as a friendly tip, purchase this one if you don’t want to double the cause of your slats.

For this moment, maybe you already have been hooked up by the pros of this product.

But it’s also good to recognize the cons.

Would you agree?



The first thing that we can see here is that these slatted bed bases are ultimately designed for Ikea bed frames.

Let’s say that you have just heard the name Ikea for the first time and got curious about their products.

Then, you have desired to buy this so-called Lonset.

It would be disappointing if you cannot be able to purchase one because you know it won’t fit your current bed frame.

So this one’s the main disadvantage.

Second, we have discussed earlier that Ikea products have a 25-year warranty covering all the manufacturing defects.

This means that this warranty will in no way cover any damage brought by the buyer.

So, you really have to be careful as you assemble this slatted bed base because its assembling process is quite difficult, which makes it vulnerable to damages.

Be sure not to make such a mistake.

Just like what most people say, “You can never turn back the time.”.


Type #3. Leirsund slatted Ikea bed base

If you want to have an excellent quality slatted bed base from Ikea, this one’s for you.

Though the price of this slatted bed base is considerably advanced than the previous types.

The unique mechanism it possesses is more considerable.

What is this exceptional feature?

It’s just that the slats of this bed base can be adjusted the way you want it.

Yes, dear friend. You read it right!

This bed base is composed of 45 slat layers.

These sturdy layers can give you firm support, not allowing the mattress to slag.

The only thing limiting this slatted bed base is that it cannot accompany other mattresses except foam and latex mattresses only.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope that you have discovered the answer to your query, “what is a slatted bed base from Ikea?”.

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