What Is A Side Chair? The Best Tandem For Dining Chairs

What other information can answer the question, “what is a side chair?” A chair with no armrests, you mostly see these in dining rooms, and it allows you to sit with ease without the armrests blocking your way. Aside from this, what else should we know about side chairs?


what is a side chair

Side Chairs

A chair without arms may be the most common and easily understood description for side chairs. This chair’s armless structure helps you place it on relatively small areas for a typical armchair, such as having them around a corner table.

Wood-based frames are the traditional material that these chairs have for structure, which can also mean that they may have an upholstered seat and back or not. Sizes of these side chairs vary, so it is essential that before you buy a chair, you must first measure the table in your house to check the chair’s measurement that you would be needing.


Different types of side chairs

The variation of this chair ranges dramatically; from the pricing, types, material, and size. There may be stackable side chairs, while there may be the heavy-wood type. To know what kind of side chair you are looking for, ask yourself why you’re looking for it in the first place.

The chairs you need may be temporary or those you’ll be using for your interior decor. Chairs such as stackable sheet metal chairs or durable wood with aesthetic designs are two different side chairs for two other purposes.


Style variations of side chairs


1. All wood

A side chair made entirely of wood is easy to clean, practical, timeless in style, and sturdy. In maintaining the excellent condition of the wood, you may use wax and do not place it near a window or any heating unit.


2. All upholstered

Upholstered chairs are typically the conservative type of side chairs. These have skirts sewn to their base to block the legs. They have a hidden wooden frame beneath all the upholstery that they have.


3. Wooden legs with upholstered seat and back

People who spend their time in dining rooms may have an upholstered seat and back for their side chair. Compared to the all upholstered side chair style, many people consider this style the most comfortable because of the open base that allows more area for legroom.


4. Wooden legs and back with upholstered seat

This style offers an entire seat with a wooden design but has the seating upholstered for comfort. It best complements houses that have rustic, farmhouse, or country cottage aesthetics.


Choosing the right side chair

When you purchase a side chair, you must first know how to utilize these in your household. Doing so will help you avoid stocking your chairs in areas that aren’t suited for them. Think about how you want them to look like, what size they should be, and where you will be keeping them permanently that will add more detail to your room design.


The fabric of the chair

Side chairs can complement fabrics that have bold patterns or accent colors. You can try wild combinations of colors and designs, and they do not necessarily require a tremendous amount of material. It makes it easy for you to change the fabric when you tire from the current one.


The size of the chair

Generally, chair sizes are measured based on your sofa height since many of these chairs probably will end up in your living room. Try to avoid having smaller or bigger chairs compared to your sofa, and always aim for the size that matches up the latter. This practice will help you avoid making your room appear disjointed.


The material of the chair

Nowadays, there are several materials that side chairs have for structure on which you can choose from, and such materials include wood, leather, metal, lucite, gilt, and acrylic. Comfort may also depend on your chair’s structural material, making it essential to consider what they’re made of first before you buy chairs.


The style of the chair

Even if it’s a table, a bed, a whole room design, whatever you plan to style, you will never run out of possible ideas. Try using a piece that transitions from modern to traditional style. If you plan to have a side chair with a fun color or a wild pattern design, you may use trendy chairs with colorful fabrics.


The price of the chair

With a higher price comes excellent quality, or so they say. While looking for side chairs that may catch your attention, you must always consider their quality. The cheap chair you found in a flea market may look great, but are they sturdy and high quality?



When someone asks you “what is a side chair,” you now know its different styles and types, which can help you enlighten those who don’t know what they are. Side chairs are comfortable types of chairs that you mostly see in the dining and living room.  Dining and watching television or chatting with your family has never been this relaxing with a wooden or metal side chair.

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