What Is A Sherpa Blanket? Best Facts To Know

The answer to what is a Sherpa blanket is that it’s a fleece blanket. But before you get confused, it’s worth noting that Sherpa blankets are faux-sheepskin. It uses artificial materials and typically has two sides. 

What makes the Sherpa blanket unique? This material is ideal for a blanket because it’s soft, warm, and even water-resistant. We will talk about it in more detail below:

What Is A Sherpa Blanket


Everything To Know About Sherpa Blankets


What is a Sherpa blanket? 

A Sherpa blanket uses a fleece material, but it is not made of sheepskin. It resembles fleece, but Sherpa is made of polyester; hence it’s also called faux sheepskin or faux shearling. Some manufacturers even use acrylic and cotton to mimic fleece. 

You can distinguish a Sherpa material because of its distinct sides, where one is textured like fleece, and the other is a smooth knit that feels like suede. We will compare Sherpa with fleece in more detail later to help you decide which material suits your blanket better. 


Why is it called Sherpa?

The Sherpa material’s name is related to Nepal’s Sherpa people who wore clothing that resembles the faux sheepskin fabric. Is Sherpa a synthetic material? While it is made to resemble an all-natural sheepskin, Sherpa material is synthetic because it uses artificial materials like acrylic and polyester. 

You can also distinguish that even though it’s as soft as fleece, the Sherpa material feels very lightweight. Nonetheless, it also comes in different colors and is a popular alternative for those who want the feel of a fleece blanket but would like it to be easier to maintain. Here are some advantages of Sherpa blankets from your traditional fur blankets. 


Is A Sherpa Blanket Warm?

One of the most loved characteristics of Sherpa blankets is that they feel warm without being too heavy and thick. This makes the Sherpa blanket excellent for new mothers, babies, and even elderlies who want to feel comfortable during the cold months. What makes Sherpa blankets warm?

These blankets help keep you warm during the winter months because the double-sided material retains heat. It does not only look and feel like sheepskin, but it also has the same winter-friendly insulation properties as an actual fur material. You should also easily find different Sherpa blanket sizes, so you can ensure that you will be well-wrapped. 


Are Sherpa Blankets Good?


Animal-friendly alternative

Perhaps the most apparent advantage of Sherpa blankets is that it looks and feels like fur and wool, but it doesn’t use an actual sheepskin. It’s an animal-friendly and eco-friendly alternative without losing the characteristics of animal-derived materials. If you also happen to be allergic to animal-based materials, you can opt for a Sherpa blanket instead. 


Warm and lightweight

Another reason why Sherpa blankets are good is that they are comfortable for insulation. As discussed previously, Sherpa blankets retain heat thanks to the soft side and fleece-like side. And best of all, it isn’t too heavy and thick to feel uncomfortable for long-term use. 



It can feel gross if you get sweaty under your blanket. Sherpa blankets have moisture-wicking properties, so you don’t need to lie there with your sweat. You’ll also feel more confident that your baby will stay dry and away from rashes with Sherpa blankets. 


Low maintenance

Sherpa blankets wash and dry quickly. It doesn’t require special detergents as you can use your mild detergent and cold water to remove stains. You can also wash Sherpa blankets in the washing machine to save time and effort. 


Which Is Better Fleece Or Sherpa?

Both fleece and Sherpa are excellent materials for blankets. However, Sherpa is a cheaper, warmer, and easier to maintain alternative to most fleece types. It’s also lighter to use throughout the night.

To be fair, it’s also worth noting that there are different fleece materials.


What are the types of fleece materials?

To help you compare a Sherpa blanket from a fleece blanket much better, you must know the different types of fleece materials that the fleece blanket may use. Some of them are similar to Sherpa blankets, while others differ in feel, insulation, and maintenance. 

The most common fleece type is cotton that looks smooth with a plush inner side. If you want something that wicks moisture, polyester fleece with a distinct sheen is a good option. On the contrary, Lycra spandex fleece is the stretchiest of the materials, while microfleece is the thinnest and lightest fleece material. 

A fleece blanket that uses polar fleece may also feel as warm as a Sherpa blanket. But if you want to lose the fluffiness and prefer something flat, opt for a blanket that uses French terry fleece. 


What Is The Difference Between Fleece And Sherpa Blankets?

The difference between fleece and Sherpa blankets is that the latter is warmer without having a plastic feel. On the contrary, fleece blankets have more stretch to them because of their Lycra fibers. And finally, fleece blankets feel softer while Sherpa blankets are fluffier. 



Did you know that not all fleece blankets are actual sheepskin? We have discussed what is a Sherpa blanket, and it’s essentially a fleece blanket that uses synthetic materials that mimic the look and feel of sheepskin. Sherpa blankets have advantages over other fleece-like materials because it is warmer, lighter, cheaper, and easier to maintain.