What Is A Reception Card In Wedding Invitations

The answer to what is a reception card in wedding invitations is it refers to the insert or additional card in the invitation suite that discusses all the information for the wedding reception. We’ll also discuss below if having a reception card in your invitations is necessary and, if you do, what wording you should use. 

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what is a reception card in wedding invitations


Exactly What Is A Reception Card In Wedding Invitations

The wedding invitation suite consists of different inserts and information cards. And for weddings with a separate reception venue to the ceremony, their invitations likely include a reception card. 


What is a reception card?

The reception card is a type of wedding invitation insert that gives the guests all the information they need to know for the reception. This will make it easier for the guests to understand the expectations for the reception, especially if it’s at a different location, starting time, and dress code from the wedding ceremony. 

You can also use the reception card to talk about other things such as what course, drinks, and schedule the guests will experience at the wedding reception. It’s also helpful to clarify additional information, such as having an adult-only reception if the couple prefers not to have any children to their wedding reception. 


Who should have a reception card?

  • If your wedding reception has a different starting and end time or won’t happen immediately after the wedding
  • If your wedding reception will happen on a different date
  • If you’re having a reception-only wedding 
  • If your wedding reception is at a different venue from the ceremony
  • If the reception has a different dress code
  • If the reception will have various events 


What Do You Put On A Reception Card?

When constructing wedding invitations, you must know what information to put on the other cards you’ll include in the suite beside the primary invite. And for the reception card, usually has three elements because it’s also acting as the wedding reception invitation. 

  • Occasion line: the first line on the reception card and can simply read as “Reception” 
  • Time: the second line on the reception card which discusses when the reception will start (e.g., 5:00 pm or immediately following the ceremony)
  • Location: the final line at a standard reception card to let the guests know where it will happen

Please note that you can also include other information related to your reception in the wedding reception invitation. This can mean the dress code, preference for a child-free reception, or even what type of reception you’ll have (e.g., dry reception, cocktail reception, etc.)


Reception card wedding wording

Refer to these examples when writing your reception invitation cards: 

  • Come celebrate with us at our reception

Immediately following the ceremony 

[reception venue]

For more details, please visit [wedding website]

  • Our celebration continues at the reception

Four o’clock pm 

At [reception venue] 

Please wear [dress code]

We’ll be having a dry reception


Do I Need A Separate Reception Card?

You need a separate reception card on your wedding reception invites if you think it will be easier for the guests to understand the information about your reception with this insert. For example, besides having a different time and venue, do you have other requests such as a dress code, having no kids, or that you’ll have a picnic-style reception rather than the expected traditional reception with dinner?

If you want to save on postage and other costs on invitations, you can also omit reception cards and other inserts. Instead, you’ll just mail the main invite and then lead the guests to your wedding website for more information. 

Another instance where reception cards are unnecessary is if the reception will happen immediately after the ceremony at the same venue with the same dress code. Your wedding MC can announce to the guests that the reception will immediately resume. 

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Do You Need A Reception Card If The Ceremony Is At The Same Place?

You don’t need a reception card if the venue is the same as the ceremony. However, every wedding is different, and you may have other events at the reception. 

You may also want to inform your guests of a different dress code, theme, and other helpful information, so they’ll know what to expect at your reception. But if you don’t want to print more cards for the invites, just link your wedding website on your primary invite and dedicate a page for the reception. 


How Do You Put Reception On A Wedding Invitation?

For a more organized suite, couples usually include a reception card instead of having the reception details on the primary wedding invitation. Alternatively, you can consist of a line after the ceremony information if there’s not much difference between the venue and the time of the reception. 

For example, write “black tie reception to follow” underneath the ceremony information instead of printing this short line on a separate card. You can also write “reception at 6 pm” if the time is different. 



Was this discussion helpful? To recap what is a reception card in wedding invitations, it’s an insert that informs the guests of the time, venue, and other expectations for the wedding reception. 

If your reception will happen at a different place and won’t immediately start after the ceremony, it’s better to include a reception card in your invitation suite. 

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