What Is A Power Red Donation? Awesome Information!

Do you already have an understanding of what is a power red donation? If you don’t, it’s just the same as the whole blood donation. The difference is that a particular type of machine is utilized, enabling you to donate.

Two units of your red blood cells are donated in a single donation. And then, your platelets and plasma are returned to you.

what is a power red donation

Its impact is doubled for patients facing trauma surgeries or chronic blood disorders. Red cells are ordinarily considered a blood component. They are the most common transfused to most patients. As mentioned, giving a double red or power red donation doubles the impact of the donation.


How Is It Different?

So, what is a power red donation? First, they will draw the blood from your arm with a single-use and sterile needle. The purpose is to set a machine to power red cell donation. Now, the machine isolates and collects two units of the red cells. The rest of the blood components and saline are returned safely.  It will do that simply on the same arm.

The process is known as apheresis or an automated donation. It takes about twenty-five to thirty-five minutes longer as compared to a whole blood donation. However, lots of donors testify feeling better after donating power red. That leaves them hydrated even more with the saline solution received.


Who Will Be Eligible for The Donation?

The following are the requirements for you to be eligible for the power red donation.

  • Your blood type is; O positive, B negative, A negative, and O negative
  • You are a male− Height of 5’1 inches & Weight of 130lbs
  • You are a female− Height of 5’5 inches & and Weight of 150lbs
  • You should feel well and be in good health.
  • You have a hemoglobin level of Hgb > 13.3 g/dL & Hct>40%
  • You pass the donation frequency of every 112 days and up to three times every year


What Are The Benefits?

Below are the benefits provided by power red donation.


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#1. Enable your donation to go further

This donation is ideal if you’re committed to donating red power cells. The procedure gives more product for the benefit of the patients. In addition, it only takes twenty to thirty minutes. Thus, you may donate every four months.


#2. Feel better

Your plasma and platelets will be returned to you. That’s the same with the saline. It will lose no liquid portion of your blood. Thus, you feel more hydrated after donating blood. To understand better, know power red donation. 


#3. Make an impact

The donation of double red cells brings a significant impact on the community. One donation is already enough to save up to 3 lives. However, a single patient will often need more donations for them to survive.


Why Take Multivitamins w/ Iron After You Donate?

Your body is expected to lose iron during blood donation. Iron deficiency or low iron can result in health issues like anemia. It is true if it’s left not treated. On the other hand, overall health is achieved if healthy iron levels are maintained. Thus, it helps to maintain energy and strength.

Replenish your iron levels afterward. This is essential, particularly for younger donors. This is since their bodies are still growing. A well-balanced and nutritious diet with iron-enriched foods is to be prepared. Plus, it must have Vitamin-C foods.

Nonetheless, diet alone is not enough. So, boost your body with a multivitamin of 18 milligrams of iron. Take this for sixty days after every blood donation. Or, it can continue for one hundred twenty days after every power red donation. It certainly helps replenish the iron levels in your body.

But consult with your professional health care provider. It is before you make any changes to your health routine. Add a multivitamin w/ iron as it’s a necessity. To give you a clear perspective, know the supplement you need after you donate blood. 


Do You Have to Talk To Your Doctor Before Your Test Results?

Discuss with your health care provider if your iron and hemoglobin levels fluctuate. While it’s normal, you should still be concerned with your test results. So it is whether you decide to donate blood or not anymore. Talk to your family members, too.


What If Your Hemoglobin Levels Were Too Low?

The Red Cross will first check your hemoglobin level. They will use a finger stick to assess it before your donation. This process determines the amount of hemoglobin in your blood. It’s the protein found in the blood. It’s what gives it a red color.

In addition, hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs. It also nourishes the tissues in the entire body. You’ll be asked to wait if you have lower hemoglobin levels.

A staff member from the Red Cross will offer you an information sheet. Thus, you’ll know more about how to increase hemoglobin. It can include eating iron-enriched foods and Vitamin-C foods. However, it will limit some foods for you as they block iron absorption.


In Conclusion

That’s it! You already know what is a power red donation. If you are interested, schedule an appointment today if you’re ready for a power red donation. To be connected, check out the give more power red donation.  Fully abide by the requirements and qualifications. It is particularly for weight, height, & hemoglobin, & health. The benefits seemed endless for the community and the patients who need it the most! For more donation articles, read why is blood donation important and how to raise iron levels for blood donation. Thank you for reading!

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