3 Iconic Materials To Determine What Is A Plush Blanket

If you are wondering what is a plush blanket, this article is just for you!


what is a plush blanket

We will tell you about the beauty of a plush blanket and the best materials it has.


There are also proper ways to wash your plush blanket to maintain its quality.


Plush blankets are considered one of the softest and most durable blankets that consist of synthetic materials.


Continue browsing this article as we talk about plush blankets and know why you should have one!


What Is A Plush Blanket?

A plush blanket can be composed of a thick, high-quality fabric made from fleece.


“Plush” refers to something luxurious, rich, complete, and soft. The thickness of your plush blanket provides a more substantial and heartier core fabric.


The nature of a plush blanket is to create a layer of air between your body and the core blanket. It will give you warmth and generate heat as you sleep at night.


The layers of flush fibers also help in retaining your core body temperature.


This type of blanket can also be handcrafted, or you can buy it ready-made in several shops.


Aside from using it at night when you sleep, you can also use it whenever relaxing on the couch.


It can have an easy-going look that is cozy and inviting if you also display or hang it somewhere in the living room. 


Other people refer to a plush blanket as the softest blanket in the world. It is proven to promote restful sleep and adds to the texture of any room.


It is sometimes used as a present on any occasion too of any age. 


What Is The Best Material For A Plush Blanket?

If you live in a cold climate, you may prefer to have a plush blanket made of warm material such as wool or fleece.


However, if you live in a warm environment, you must go for a more breathable fabric like cotton.


It is best to use all-natural fibers to avoid having concerns about allergies to whoever will use the blanket. 


In general, we must prioritize the material we feel most comfortable at, easy to clean, and durable.


Cotton and wool are both natural fibers, while the fleece is a synthetic fiber. 



Wool is composed of sheep’s hair, which can be itchy for people who are allergic to it, but it still provides warmth and is suitable for a cold environment.


It traps warm air within the spaces of the fiber, but still makes it breathable and will not make you sweat.


We can also use merino wool to eliminate allergic reactions because it has hypoallergenic properties.



Cotton helps you keep your cool by being a breathable plush blanket. It is also made of natural fiber and is light-weighted.


It is super easy to take care of, and you can wash it through the washing machine. 



Fleece is a synthetic fiber, unlike wool and cotton. It is considered the most popular choice when it comes to preference in durability, warmth, and affordability.


It has its styles like luxurious soft or plush-like texture. 


It is also composed of polyester, so it might not provide you much breathable space and make you sweat.


In colder months, it can contain a lot of static electricity. Still, it is also easy to be taken care of and cleaned by using a washing machine. 


How to wash a plush blanket?

To keep the plush blanket rich and luxurious, we must learn how to provide the special care needed.


The washing machine can safely run most fabric as long as it is on a gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent.


When drying the blanket, it is recommended to stick to the dry tumble cycle with a low heat setting. 


High temperatures tend to damage the fabric of your blanket. You must keep your plush blanket from high heat and harsh chemicals such as bleach to preserve its softness.


Reading the instruction labels of your blanket must never be forgotten because it might include specific instructions to maintain their softness. 


It would be best if you will not scrub too forcefully at stains because you can end up making them worse.


You can try sprinkling a small amount of cornstarch and let it sit for at least five to ten minutes.


As you put them in the washing machine, you must wash them on their own to avoid the tendency of being rubbed with other fabric. 


You cannot iron your blanket too because it can quickly melt the loose of your fabric. To smoothen the wrinkles of your blanket, you can fold it and drape it over your couch.



Plush blankets are among the most popular blankets that provide warmth and comfort to anyone, especially in a cold environment. But do you know what is a plush blanket? 


They are usually lightweight and pliable. It can be made by handcrafting, or you can buy it ready-made in any shop.


You must not forget the proper ways of taking care of it and the best materials you can get for your preferred plush blanket.