What Is A Platform Bed Frame? Its 4 Best Types!

What is a platform bed frame? Platform beds are one of the simplest types of beds that you would see in a regular home.

When most of us are concerned with the sizes of the beds we’re sleeping in, we usually don’t know what type of bed we are using.

What is a platform bed frame

Just so you know, you are probably using a platform bed. It is one of the most commonly used bed types.

Don’t be discouraged if you have a traditional type of bed because it also offers a lot of benefits that modern beds couldn’t provide.

I prefer a platform bed for my mom especially when she is getting old. I mean she’s still strong but you can’t take the aches off her back.

You can only mend them by having the right type of bed to sleep in.

Well, here are some ideas about the platform bed that you might want to consider.


What A Platform Bed Frame Is

So, what is a platform bed frame?

A platform bed frame is one of the simplest bed types in the row.

It is slow-raised with slatted woods on the mattress area.

The material used in manufacturing could vary from being metal or solid wood.

Placing a mattress directly on top of a platform bed frame can be done without any worries.

Most people have often mistaken platform beds to be spring boxes.

But let me tell you the difference between them.


Box Spring

A box spring is a wooden box that has springs in it. It usually has a breathable fabric located at the top.

The fabric prevents the dust from getting into the box spring.

Some of these box springs are also reinforced by metal frames for additional support.

The main difference between box springs and platform bed is their purpose.

Box springs support mattresses while you can place them above a platform bed.


Types Of Platform Bed

There are 4 basic types of platform beds. These types vary in the material used in the making.


#1. Solid platform beds

The solid platform bed is one of the traditional ways of making a bed. They differ on the mattress are.

A solid platform bed is made from solid material wherein you can directly put your mattress on top of the bed frame.

Most solid platform bed doesn’t require any box springs anymore.

You can still use one especially after you have checked your mattress’s warranty.

The solid material could be made from any of these four; wood, plastic, metal, or composite material.


#2. Slat platform bed

The slat platform bed uses the same feature as the solid one except the bed frame uses slats on the mattress area.

These slats may be rigid or flexed.

What is the difference between rigid and flexed slats?

Well, rigid slats are just like wooden slats where they are sturdy no matter how heavy the sleepers are.

Whereas flex slats are flexible enough to form according to the sleeper’s weight.

Nevertheless, rigid slats are sturdier than flex slats.


#3. Metal platform frame

Metal platform bed as its name suggests is made from metal.

It has a utilitarian look where the support system is still the same as the 2 mentioned above.

With proper spacing, the metal platform beds could provide strong support for both the box spring and the mattress.

Although box springs are not necessary for these types of frames you can still use one if preferred.


#4. DIY platform bed

As anyone would love, is a custom-made bed. Well, the platform bed is simple to make so you can create one yourself.

If you are looking for a platform bed under your budget management, a Do It Yourself (DIY) platform bed could be arranged.

It may not be as elegant and stylish as other types of platform beds but you could use a few materials in your garage.

Depending on the frame that you will use, you can either use plywood or reinforce some slats to further strengthen the support.


Why Buy A Platform Bed?

There are numerous reasons why you should have a platform bed. Listed below are just some of those reasons.


Sleek and modern

For one, platform beds offer a sleek yet aesthetically modern design and style.

It could be a great option for sleepers that don’t want an ordinary box spring.


Strong support

Platform beds are sturdier compared to the other types of beds.

It offers a great foundation for your mattress and can support heavy-weight sleepers.


Medically beneficial

Since platform beds are sturdier, if you have trouble getting to sleep because of back pains, platform beds are a great solution.

Although if you have difficulty getting in and out of the bed, you may want to consider other options.

Since platform beds are low in terms of height, you get trouble getting out of the bed in the morning


Which Type of Platform Bed For My Mattress?

To know which type of platform bed is appropriate for you, check your mattress’s warranty.

Manufacturers of these mattresses should provide specifications on which platform beds are best suited for their mattresses.



Now that you know what is a platform bed frame, you should probably have the basic idea if you would prefer of having one.

I mean a bed is a basic necessity to have a great night’s rest so, I think choosing the right type to sleep in is crucial.

So if you prefer to sleep on a well-supported platform, a platform bed is what I strongly suggest.

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