What Is A Pillow Insert? 7 Best Types Of Pillow Inserts

Are you wondering what is a pillow insert? Pillow inserts are down-filled pillows that you can use in different aesthetic covers.

These inserts are used in a throw pillow or your living room, or even in your bedroom.

what is a pillow insert

Pillow insert consists of different weights and sizes that match the accent on your own.

Having a good sleep with a comfortable and soft pillow can literally lift your mood for the day, but are you confused and probably wondering what a pillow insert is?

In this article, I will discuss all about pillow inserts and what is the best pillow insert you must have.

Let’s get started!


What A Pillow Insert Is

Having enough good sleep does not only depend on choosing and buying the right mattress.

You can have lovely and cute bedsheets, warm comforters, duvets, and other sleeping stuff but also selecting a soft pillow that supports you to have a comfortable sleep. 

But unfortunately, most people do not know the benefits of the right pillow to have a night of good sleep, so it is better to choose the correct type of pillow fillings to rest your head at night.

There are too much innovation and diversion of such pillow inserts or fillings available anywhere—choosing a pillow that will satisfy your ultimate comfort according to your preferences and needs.


What Are The Different Types Of Pillow Inserts?

Done with answering your question– what is a pillow insert.

Now, there are so many types of pillow inserts and pillow forms, and these are typically polyfill inserts, which are usually made from hypoallergenic materials.

Several types of pillow inserts can be used depending on warming or cooling needs and how the pillow inserts cope and manage different allergies, level of comfort, and degree of softness and firmness. 

Let’s take a look at these types of pillow fillings for you to have a better choice of getting your new pillows:


#1. Down

This kind is a group of soft and fluffy fibers from a bird’s skin located on its chest called “down.” Down usually comes from swan, duck, and goose.

European white goose down or Hungarian goose down is one of the high-quality down. These fibers are also referred to as the “undercoating of a bird,” being layers underneath the bird.

Down creates a 3D effect because of its clusters, which are spreading out that could give an insulating quality enough to trap air.

Down are the best when it comes to softness, lightweight, and also are insulating. The fluffy fibers undoubtedly provide people full protection, comfort, and warmth.

This down insert pillow is advisable for stomach sleepers because it is too cushiony and could last longer than any synthetic pillow insert alternatives.

Down insert pillows may trigger health issues such as allergies. It can be expensive and difficult to clean.


#2. Polyfill- a down alternative

Polyfill has been used as an alternative for down. This is made with puffs of polyester, a synthetic filling.

Polyfill is designed for manufacturing authentic and high-quality down pillow inserts that could also provide the same comfort level as the original gives.

Polyfills are much more affordable than the original. Soft and lightweight.

These type of pillow inserts are excellent and advisable for some people who are allergic to down pillow inserts because it is naturally hypoallergenic and can be easily cleaned.

It does have insulation and a warm feeling like the down pillow insert.


#3. Feathers

These are flat feathers that came from the wings and back of a goose or duck.

The difference of this kind from down feathers is that it comes from the top of a bird; while down is lying underneath of the bird.

Feathers pillow inserts have the ability to remain its shape and can retain their firmness longer than other pillow inserts.

In addition to that, feathers are also soft and fluffy, and their clusters are enough to hold their shape.

These feather pillow inserts are soft, lightweight, and firm. It is more structured that can hold its shape.

Feather pillow inserts are widely used as a pillow filling because it is designed to provide the ability to support weight and be decisive under pressure.

Allergenic type pillow filling could irritate, and you may feel hot when using this pillow while sleeping.


#4. Memory Foam

This type of pillow insert is made from polyurethane, also called visco-elastic. These are chemicals that are man-made.

Memory foam became famous because it regains its natural form when waking up.

Aside from that, there are several designs of memory foam, such as; ultra-slim to loftier, and also designed with various shapes and sizes.

People love to buy memory foam inserts because it helps health issues like acid reflux and contours the head, neck, and even aligns the back and the spine.

Memory foam is durable that could last for years, and could manage health and sleep-related problems.


#5. Buckwheat

These pillow inserts are useful natural materials for pillow fillings. Buckwheat insert consists of buckwheat hulls– hard outer shells of its seeds.

Buckwheat pillow inserts are breathable that allows a flow of air, and would give you comfort while sleeping; hypoallergenic and head and keeps the spine aligned.


#6. Latex

These pillow inserts come from a rubber tree and are slowly becoming popular because of their softness and durability.

Latex pillow inserts could also provide a better and relaxed sleeping surface.

Unfortunately, it could lose its durability when you mix latex with other materials like memory foam and are not suitable for people who have latex allergies.

It is a little bit breathable and much heavier compared to other synthetic materials.


#7. Wool

Wool is also used as a pillow insert because it is too soft, comfortable, and breathable. These pillow inserts are fluffy and also helps regulate body temperature.

This pillow inserts very eco-friendly and also perfect anti-microbial and anti-bacterial because it is dust mite resistant.

But aside from all of these features, wool can easily absorb odors and does require regular cleaning.



Now that you know what is a pillow insert, take a better time to know all of the features of every pillow insert for you to have a more relaxing and comfortable sleep.

Pillow is essential, so it is filling.

So knowing all different types of pillow will be a great help for your needs and help you decide which fits the best for personal preferences.

Picking the right pillow insert that could last you for more years to come and to save a lot of money.

I hope that this article helps you a lot with pillow inserts.

Thank you for reading!