What Is A Papasan Chair: A Useful Buying Guide

Some chairs are extremely unique, and most people wonder what is a papasan chair. Papasan chairs are also called nest chairs or moon chairs, found way back in the corners of our houses in the late 70s. They are a unique and perfect décor to any home.

In considering a house décor, we always want something of quality that can be an investment. Therefore, we do not want to buy an item that will only last for a few months. However, we also like to consider what it looks like and if it fits the aesthetic of our house.

what is a papasan chair

It is always nice to have something pleasing to the eye and at the same time provides us comfort. If you find yourself in the mood for relaxation and want to sit, you must have a comfortable chair. Your furniture should be part of your relaxation.

The good thing about Papasan chairs is that they are quality and a good investment. We provided you with what you need to know before purchasing your own.


Why Is It Called A Papasan Chair?

Papasan chairs are initially from the Philippines and Japan, and it is Asian furniture that has been present for centuries. It’s a large circular chair with a sturdy and firm base. This chair is made initially from traditional rattan, a renewable palm of natural fiber found in the said countries.

It is a cushioned chair known for its bowl-shaped structure. It says that Papasan chairs go way back to the 1970’s from the Philippines. However, the name initially came from the combination of the word “papa,” which translates to Father in English, and the Japanese word “san,” which means elder male or father.

Regardless of its original name, the chair is mainly a product of Asian culture in a more simple design form. Papasan chairs today are smaller and offer more opportunities for restyling. It has evolved and changed from the previous old design.

Today, this chair’s finishes can either be plastic or metal based on the furniture company that produces it. It has evolved and has taken a chance to restyle and reinvent that offers various choices for consumers.

Papasan chairs are more prevalent among people who are interested in a boho-chic vibe. The modernization offered a lightweight and more comfortable feeling. It also has a variety of designs to choose from, depending on your design of choice.


How Do Papasan Chairs Work? 

Papasan chairs come in either three or four pieces when you purchase them. It comes with the base, the huge cushion, the basket, and a cushion cover. You can set up the Papasan chair by yourself since it is effortless, and the pieces are not complicated to set up.

The base is the foundation of the chair, and it contains two round openings. Next is to place the smaller round opening below the floor with the bigger round opening facing upward. It is where you will put the cushioned basket.

Next is throwing the cushion and pillows in. You can also consider adding a lap blanket to add an accessory.

You might find your moments where you are not sure where it fits the most. It will not be a problem because Papasan chairs are lightweight. Moving it from one place to another won’t be a problem.

You can also change the cushion cover depending on your preference of color and fabric. It is effortless to design as you can add any accessory you like. In a Papasan chair, you can curl up and have a relaxing time while you read a book.


What to consider before buying a papasan chair?

There are a variety of Papasan chairs you can choose from, and it depends on your taste. The bowl-shaped structure has remained since then. However, the design and the materials have evolved through the years.

You may choose a Papasan chair made of rattan, the traditional piece of base it’s known for before. It uses a stainless steel frame as well.

It is durable, and this is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. This is also the reason for its sturdy and weather-resistant properties.

If you are placing the chair inside, your cushion can be any soft material. However, if your Papasan chair is for outdoor placement, you may opt for a cushion made of polyester. If you want a different design, there are Papasan chairs that can hang like a hammock.

As long as the chair offers stability and comfort on your part, it will be wise to purchase one. Consider if you fit comfortably in it and whether the materials are durable enough  to ensure its longevity. You can just curl up and have a cozy time while you read a book.


You no longer need to google what is a Papasan chair. If you are in a dilemma of considering what furniture you should buy, a Papasan chair is a good choice of investment.

You can have your own time curled up, covered in a blanket, feeling cozy. You can also use this when you need to take a nap in the afternoon or stargaze outside your house.

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