What Is A Muslin Blanket: A Useful Guide

Have you ever wondered, “what is a muslin blanket?” Why does it matter whether we use it or not? One of the first items to prepare when expecting a child is the blanket they’ll spend most of their time with, and one of the most popular fabrics to use is muslin.

To know more about this blanket and why most moms love it, you should continue reading.

what is a muslin blanket


What Is A Muslin Blanket Primarily Used For?

A muslin blanket uses muslin fabric, which is a lightweight and breathable material. It has been finely-woven, allowing it to get even softer with further usage. It is a type of cotton fabric often seen on baby blankets and swaddles. 

Mothers love using it to wrap around their babies, for it is one of the softest and gentlest fabrics out there. It also allows adequate airflow which reduces the risk of overheating among infants. It is a common gift during baby showers and for first-time moms. 

What’s even more incredible about this material is the more you wash it, the softer it gets. One of the main issues with baby blankets is getting rough and developing fluffs when used too much. With muslin, you won’t have to worry about it. 


Muslin Blankets VS. Swaddles And Receiving Blankets

Muslin blankets, receiving blankets, and swaddles are often used interchangeably. All of them are for infants, and they have very little difference from each other.

Both receiving and muslin blankets are loose clothes often used to cover babies. The only distinction of muslin is the fabric quality that makes it more preferable by most moms. It also tends to be somewhat larger, making it easier to use in swaddling.

Receiving blankets are the ones used for newborns because it is smaller. It lessens the possibility of suffocating and helps the baby to remain calm. 

Swaddle blankets are the primary type of cloth used in baby swaddling. The practice dates back to the 17th century and is used to reduce the infant’s natural reflexes. Newborn babies are sensitive to loud noises, and they tend to get startled a lot. 

Swaddling also reduces their anxiety and improves sleep at night by imitating a mother’s hug. It keeps their hands from scratching their delicate skin. It is a safe practice as long as the cloth is tight enough because loose clothing can contribute to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. 


What are the advantages of using muslin as a baby blanket?

Using muslin as a baby blanket provides a lot of advantages. Newborn babies are not always easy to handle, but blankets are one way to make the whole process relatively manageable. 


  • Breathable and organic

Uncomfortable fabric material that traps your baby’s body heat is the last thing you want them to have. Aside from being breathable, muslin is also organic and came from natural fibers. It allows air to circulate freely, giving that extra comfort.


  • Mimics a mother’s touch

Swaddles are most often used to provide relaxation to the infant. The soft texture of the muslin gives the baby a sensation the same as their mother’s touch. It makes them feel safe and secured while still being gentle. 


  • Promotes better sleep

One of the reasons why a baby cannot fall asleep during the night is their feeling of discomfort. A lot of things can contribute to this, but the very thing is their blanket. Some clothes can be harsh to the skin. If you want them to sleep peacefully at night, it’s best to provide them with a nice blanket to the skin.


  • They are multifunctional

Muslin blankets aren’t only for swaddling. They have multiple uses depending on your baby’s current needs. They can act as a sun shield when you’re walking your baby outside or a changing mat if you need extra support.


What are the other uses of a muslin blanket?

Aside from being a sun shield and changing cover, there are other things you can use muslin blankets as an alternative.


  • Muslin blanket as a breastfeeding cover

When breastfeeding in public, you don’t want others peeking at your chest. Muslin blankets can provide excellent coverage without compromising your baby’s comfort. It is also large enough so that it won’t squeeze your infant’s body.


  • Muslin blanket as a safety blanket

Babies are sentimental when it comes to items that feel familiar to them. Muslin blankets are durable, so it is most likely to still be in good condition even after ages of usage. It can also be a great reminder of their childhood in their later years. 


  • Muslin blanket as a burp cloth

Spitting is a normal thing for babies, especially when burping after consuming too much milk. Muslin blankets can be used as burp cloths as it is not harmful to the skin. At the same time, it is also highly absorbent, so you won’t have to worry about staining your clothes all the time.



Now that you’re aware of what is a muslin blanket and why it is so popular, you’d probably want one for your baby. Stop hesitating now so you and your baby both can have a better bonding time.