What Is A Mullion Heater? Read These Amazing Facts!

Are you unsure as to what is a mullion heater? A mullion heater is in charge of providing heat. It is placed in the fridge’s frame to prevent droplets from forming on the exterior. This phenomenon happens because of the temperature difference inside and outside the refrigerator.

The mullion can commonly be found attached to the fridge door to help seal the unit when closed. The heating element within the mullion is what makes it a heater. 

what is a mullion heater

The mullion heater can also be called anti-sweat or frame heaters since these are located on the unit’s frame and prevent it from sweating. By sweating, we mean the appearance of water droplets that look like sweat outside of the fridge. What causes the formation of these droplets, however, is condensation. After going over the reason mullion heaters are needed, we will be examining the causes of fridge condensation to understand the phenomenon. If you are interested in knowing more about this topic, go ahead and read. 


Why Is A Mullion Heater Needed

Mullion heaters, otherwise called frame or anti-sweat heaters, are heating elements located at the edge of the fridge. These can be found inside or attached to the fridge door mullion, depending on the unit model. The purpose of these components is to stop condensation outside of the fridge’s body. Without these anti-sweat heaters, droplets would appear, drip all over the fridge’s exterior, and cause problems. 

The water could collect and drip through the power plug into the socket. It could also gather on your floor and cause potential accidents, and it can dampen or moisten the hidden corners of the wall it is against and allow molds and other nasty stuff to grow. Anti-sweat heaters are also used in the commercial industry. You can find refrigerators in grocery stores with clear glass doors to find your favorite beverage or yogurt neatly placed inside. 

These clear-glass refrigerators will have their glass doors wholly fogged up without using these anti-sweat heaters. These heaters are placed on the door frame. The warmth they provide is just enough to prevent condensation but not too much that it makes the fridge work harder to keep the temperature low. To learn more about condensation to understand better what is a mullion heater, keep on reading. You may also be interested to know about the mullion heater what indicates an electrical failure.


Causes Of Condensation In Fridges

We already know that mullion heaters take care of the condensation that could occur on the fridge’s exterior, but what about the condensation inside the unit’s storage space. Anti-sweat heaters prevent the appliance from sweating on the outside, but this does not cover the fridge’s interior. There are instances wherein condensation becomes a problem when it causes water to pool inside the refrigerator and ruin the food. The water can also turn into frost if the temperature is high enough.

One of the leading causes of condensation inside the fridge is when hot food or drinks are stored. Cooling down the stuff you want to put inside the refrigerator at least close to room temperature is essential. Putting hot things inside the fridge will make it work harder. It can potentially damage your unit and cause you to spend more on power over the long run. Another cause of condensation is the frequent opening of the fridge door, allowing the air outside to flow inside the unit and turn to moisture. Only open the door to take what you need or store what you will keep for later. 

Another common cause of internal fridge condensation is a damaged or worn-out gasket. If the fridge door does not shut correctly, warm air can cause condensation in the unit. Ensure that the fridge door closes tight and air does not freely pass through, to prevent the refrigerator from sweating and be efficient and save money on your electric bill. To prevent condensation inside your fridge, you must ensure that everything is clean inside and outside. 

You must check the door and see that no debris prevents the door and fridge from adequately getting into contact. Do you know how to clean your fridge? Make sure that the temperature setting of your unit is not set too low and is just enough for your needs and preference. The drain hole is not blocked, so water won’t collect inside the fridge. Also, don’t forget to make sure that the refrigerator is level and parallel to the ground for the water to flow correctly into the drain. Following the tips above will help you maintain a clean and hygienic refrigerator to store your food and drinks.


It’s A Wrap!

Hopefully, now that you have reached the end of this article, you better understand what is a mullion heater and learn a lot about it. Now you know its function and purpose. You also know more about what causes condensation in fridges. We look forward to helping you again in a future guide. The effort and time that you have spent are very much appreciated. Always remember to keep on learning to grow. Thank you for reading. Until next time. You may also want to read about how long does it take for a new fridge freezer to get cold and how much does a fridge cost to run.

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