What Is A Mermaid Pillow? 4 Awesome Facts To Know!

Do you have any idea what is a mermaid pillow? It is a pillow covered by sequins that changes their appearance as you stroke them to the opposite side.

Well, your life’s poorly updated if these pillows are not popular with you.

what is a mermaid pillow

Pillows have greatly evolved since the day it was introduced to humanity.

Who could have imagined that its evolution will come to this point?

Now, they are not just used to comfort us in our sleep but also grabbed so much attention in the interior designing industry and the fashion industry.

If this is the situation now, what will happen after 5 to 10 years?

Oops, before we get lost in technology advancement, let us set our minds to our main issue – the mermaid pillow.

In this article, we will increase our knowledge as we discover truths about mermaid pillows.


What A Memaid Pillow Is

Most of us have already encountered such unique pillows while others still ask the question, “What is a mermaid pillow?”.

Though they are stuffed like other pillows, they have this appearance that makes them classified.

You can buy these pillows from the nearest supermarket located in your town.

Others choose not to buy because they are fond of making their mermaid pillows.

They are also usually featured on YouTube posts with captions such as “most satisfying video ever.”

At this moment, we will closely look at some truths about the star of this article – the mermaid pillow.


Fact#1. The name has a reason

You may be wondering why these pillows are called “mermaid pillows.”

If you don’t know what this pillow looks like, you could have imagined a different appearance by just hearing its name.

You might think that they come in form like that of the mermaid’s tail.

Perhaps, if you have a higher imaginative mind, you would have thought of it as a pillow designed for water.

But what’s in it that makes it suitable for the name “mermaid pillow”?

The scales. Yes, mermaid scales, not just ordinary fish scales, because these pillows are marvelous and mysterious like the mermaids.

As you can observe the different transformations of pattern for every stroke, it is unimaginable.

There is that essence of magnificent conversion – more like mermaids.


Fact#2. It relieves stress

Most people grabbed such a pillow from the store because of this staggering fact. Naturally, stress is indeed common to all.

These pillows made its inventor successful as it caught the attention of the public.

Since its discovery was made possible because of social media, it’s no wonder why it is demanded.

Their ability to transform is the key factor as to why these pillows can relieve stress.

The eyes tend to focus on the changing surface appearance. Why so? The mind diverts its attention to such a view rather than to think of the present problem.

Many people have testified their relaxation experience as they move their hands through the surface of a mermaid pillow.

Some would draw through their fingers words or figures as an expression of their inner thoughts. It has somehow helped them calm during a very stressful condition.

However, the disadvantage is that you cannot bring a pillow with you anywhere. That would be undoubtedly awkward.

So if this fact is also true to you, then you better get along with your mermaid pillow when you’re at home.


Fact#3: They’re not good sleeping mate

Who would want to be awake in the morning with a face marked with patterns of sequins? I believe there’s none.

If you are keen enough to observe, sequins have these sharp edges. However, they are designed in such a way that it won’t cause harm to the user.

The main reason why they are not good sleeping mates is that your face may temporarily transform from smooth and unblemished into scale-like.

That’s natural because you tend to hug your pillow as you sleep. Also, at that moment, you are unconscious of your body movements.

You may get the sequins into a certain angle that can penetrate to your skin – but not to the point where it will cause wounds – that may leave marks and, to the extent, possibly irritate one’s sensitive skin.


Fact #4. They can be tools for fun activities

You may be amazed that these pillows can alleviate your stress. But you’ll be awed by the fact that it can turn your boring day into a playful one.

“The more, the merrier,” they say. Who will disagree?

Being together with your friends or families can be made more fun by these extraordinary pillows.

You can play games such as tic tac toe using a mermaid pillow. You don’t need to use your pen’s ink to play such a game.

It will be a lot easier for you to play this game using a mermaid pillow because you can easily erase what you have written in a split second by just wiping the sequined surface with your bare hands.

You can also have more fun while studying with this pillow.

Children will get more engaged if you use a mermaid pillow to write a simple math problem such as basic operations.

You’ll get them more excited by giving them a prize if they can answer you correctly. I’m not talking about candies here.

To let them wipe off your writings will be enough for kids to have fun as their innocent minds conform to the fantastic transformation of such a pillow.


Final Words

At the end of this article, I hope you have learned what is a mermaid pillow.

May you continually enjoy as you discover truths about the things that you love.

It is an honor for me that you have reached this part of the article. Your time and effort are much appreciated!