What Is A Mattress Set Vs Mattress: Which Is Better?

If you want to know what is a mattress set vs mattress, we’ll discuss how the former is different and what the manufacturers include when they call it a mattress set. Understandably, it can be confusing to select which of these two are worth buying, but you only need to understand their pros and cons. Some mattresses may not even need a so-called set. 

Speaking of which, are you familiar with what is a mattress foundation? It would benefit you to give that separate article a quick read because it also compares mattress foundation to bed frames and box springs. This way, you’ll know if buying a set is better than just a mattress or not.

what is a mattress set vs mattress


Mattress Set Vs Mattress: Which Is Better?

The difference between a mattress set and a mattress is that the former includes other accessories for setting up the whole bed. Manufacturers might offer both sets and only mattresses, so let us find out which of these two will suit your needs best. 


What is a mattress set?

A mattress set includes the mattress and the base where you will put it when you prepare the bed for use. They have a box spring, foundation, or even a bed frame such as a platform bed. The advantage of buying a mattress set is that you’re sure that everything will fit together, and the mattress will get the ideal support for longevity. 


Box spring

Mattresses nowadays rarely need a box spring because box springs are more suitable with a traditional innerspring mattress. However, a box spring won’t be ideal for supporting foam beds such as those made from latex or memory foam because it’s not solid enough to push against the pressure. Some would also argue that innerspring no longer requires a box spring unless you want to add height. 



A foundation is a bed base that is compatible with almost all types of mattresses. It is also ideal for people who want to add height to the bed for convenience and aesthetics. Furthermore, foundations, especially those with a solid base, are excellent for maintaining the structure of the mattress and preventing sagging or lumping. 


Platform bed

A type of bed frame that you can use with a mattress and skip the need for a box spring or foundation is the platform bed. You can think of it as a base that has a built-in foundation. Platform beds typically have wooden slats, making them the ideal base for mattresses requiring continuous air circulation. 


What is a mattress?

It’s more common for mattress brands to sell only a mattress and then just offer the option to include a base upon the check-out. This way, you’re not limited to the style of your bed because you can select the base yourself. The main benefit of buying a mattress only is it will save you money if you already have the base for it.

However, you must ensure that the frame or foundation is compatible with your mattress. Try checking the recommendations of the manufacturer to ensure that the bed will stay supported. But on the other hand, some mattresses don’t require an elevation, to begin with. 


What Is A Full Mattress Set?

A complete mattress set includes the mattress and the base, either a platform bed, foundation, or box springs. Some manufacturers may also have the bedding, especially during sales, where you can get pillows, sheets, protectors, and covers for free or at lower prices. Do not confuse a mattress set with a bedroom set. 

A bedroom set, on the other hand, is a collection of furniture for the bedroom. It can include a three-piece bed composed of the headboard, footboard, rails, plus nightstands, a dresser, and even a mirror. Bedroom sets also usually won’t have the mattress itself. 


Does A Bed Set Come With A Mattress?

A bed set may or may come with a mattress, so it’s best to clarify the inclusions of your chosen brand. For example, the collection might only include the base or bed frame with other furniture pieces or even bedding accessories. Nonetheless, the main benefit of buying a bed set rather than only a mattress is the compatibility of everything and ensuring that your bedroom will have a consistent theme.

If you bought a bed set that doesn’t include a mattress, here are some questions to ask when buying a mattress. They should help you land an ideal mattress for what you already have.  


What Is The Bottom Part Of A Mattress Set Called?

The bottom part of the mattress set is the base or bed base. Do not be confused, as some manufacturers use it interchangeably with a foundation or a bed frame. Nonetheless, the bottom part of the mattress set is there to provide support on the bed. 



Do you finally know which one to get? To recap this article on what is a mattress set vs mattress, the former includes the base where you can put in the mattress. It’s advantage is you know that everything will surely be compatible. 

On the contrary, you can get the mattress-only option if you already have the ideal foundation, frame, or box spring since you’ll save more money doing so. However, remember that your mattress should be compatible with your bed base and vice versa. 


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