What Is A Mattress Foundation? Best Overall Guide

If you’re unsure what is a mattress foundation, the clue is on the name itself. The foundation supports the mattress, and they come in different forms. This article will guide you about each kind and why the mattress foundation is something never to overlook.

A proper foundation can mean the difference between a prematurely sagging mattress and a comfortable and long-lasting one. It can even affect your overall sleeping experience. However, it can be overwhelming to find the right one because of the many market options. 

What Is A Mattress Foundation


What Is A Mattress Foundation And Do You Need One?

A mattress foundation is a supporting structure that also elevates your mattress. However, it’s not the same as a bed frame or box spring, which we will touch later on. Furthermore, a mattress foundation uses a slat system or board at the top and uses different materials

In the market, you’ll find a lot of foundations that combine wood and metal. They also use a fabric layer as a covering to keep everything intact. And depending on your preference, you can select the height of a foundation. 


How Important Is A Mattress Foundation?

A mattress foundation is something never to overlook because it keeps your mattress from sinking too deep. The mattress will also have an easier time maintaining its structure against the daily wear and tear of use. You can use the foundation on its own, but it’s also possible to combine it with a bed frame. 

As you will read later, there are different types of foundations that support various mattresses. Your mattress manufacturer may even recommend a specific one to help extend the bed’s lifespan. And finally, you can use a foundation according to how you set up your bed. 

Perhaps you want it as the main base or add it to your existing bed frame. Some mattress foundations have detachable legs for this versatility. And if you don’t have space for a frame, use a foundation to provide a sturdy base to your mattress. 


Is A Foundation The Same As A Box Spring?

Homeowners typically confuse mattress foundations with box springs. However, these components are not the same, and each supportive structure is also ideal for specific types of mattresses. For example, a box spring is suitable for innerspring mattresses because they help with bodyweight distribution. 

The mattress will absorb the pressure evenly, and the box spring adds stability and lift. However, you won’t need a box spring if you use a foam or hybrid mattress. Instead, a solid foundation is ideal for these mattresses since box springs don’t have a solid surface. 


Types Of Mattress Foundations

The next discussion is selecting the ideal mattress foundation. Learning each type will determine if you need one for your bed set-up. More so, It can be confusing to choose one in the market, so you should distinguish them into three types:


Bunkie boards

The most affordable mattress foundation is the bunkie board. From the name itself, this board uses wood like plywood, typically wrapped in fabric. Because of its material, it won’t add a significant height to your bed. 

Still, the added surface will help stabilize dense mattresses and keep them from sinking. You can use a bunkie board foundation for memory foam mattresses. Some homeowners even combine it with box-spring or slats to keep the foam from developing dents. 



When you think of a mattress foundation, what immediately comes to mind is the platform or solid type. It can be a solid board or slats that use wood, and you can use it in the bed frame instead of slats or as a solo foundation if you’re using one with detachable legs. As mentioned briefly earlier, platform foundations are an excellent choice for those with minimal space for the bedroom. 

Since traditional bed frames can take up space, those who live in apartments or studio flats can replace them with a platform foundation. They’ll still elevate your bed and provide storage underneath without the bulk of a bed frame. If you don’t want to leave your mattress on the floor, opt for a platform foundation instead.



Another somewhat popular foundation in the market is the adjustable variant. It’s pricier than the previous two, but it offers several benefits. From the name itself, you can adjust this foundation according to what you do in the bed. 

For example, do you need to elevate your head or feet as you read a book or watch TV in bed? Perhaps you need the elevation to relieve discomfort or improve circulation. However, do note that adjustable mattress foundations may be tricky to use with beds that have steel border wires. 



Setting the most comfortable bed is not limited to selecting a mattress. You also have to ask yourself, what is a mattress foundation? It’s not the same as the bed frame, but this structure can replace one if needed. 

There are different kinds of mattress foundations, but the primary concept is to add something to support the mattress. This way, you can prevent premature sagging or sinking of the mattress. You’ll also elevate the bed to reach the height you desired. 

Overall, every mattress needs a good foundation. Check your manufacturer’s recommendation to make your sleeping experience more relaxing. You should quickly find the right kind for your mattress and improve your overall experience.