What Is A Main Line Wedding: Best Venues

If you’re curious about what is a Main Line wedding, it refers to weddings on the Philadelphia Main Line. We’ve listed the best venues in this delineated region of suburban Philadelphia if you want a Main Line wedding. 

And if this state is your hometown, we’ve included a discussion regarding your expected costs of getting married in PA. You can also read what states can you officiate your own wedding if you prefer not to have an officiant. 

what is a main line wedding


What Is A Main Line Wedding: Guide To Main Line Wedding Venues


Radnor Hotel

One of the best places for a Main Line wedding would be a hotel that’s been in the area for more than 50 years. The Radnor Hotel boasts 7,000 square feet of banquet facilities and on-site catering, perfect for a wedding on Main Line. 

You can exchange your vows at the Formal Gardens in the Radnor Hotel. This picturesque wedding ceremony venue can accommodate up to 200 words. 

And for the reception, you can have it in the Grand Terrace Ballroom for an elegant celebration. Choose from Radnor’s wedding reception packages, including Chef’s stations, an open bar, and a four-course dinner. 


Wayne Bed & Breakfast Inn

Another fantastic venue for your Main Line wedding is Wayne Bed & Breakfast Inn. They offer different spaces that would make the perfect backdrop for your wedding. 

Choose from places like the covered porch, patio, grand garden, ivy garden, pool and labyrinth, and fountain, and you can also avail yourself of the five guest rooms. Wayne Bed and Breakfast Inn even allow outside wedding vendors. 

You can bring your decorator or catering if you want to save on costs. This place is perfect for couples who wish to showcase the Arts & Crafts Victorian style for their wedding. 


Oakbourne Mansion

Another scenic location for Main Line weddings is the Oakbourne Mansion. It’s ideal both for your Main Line ceremony and reception. 

You can have the Victorian-era Mansion for your indoor wedding, but the grounds also allow for outdoor tents. Alternatively, you can have the wedding ceremony under a natural cathedral or at the water tower. 

For the fees, their website list the venue rental packages. Furthermore, you will be responsible for the outdoor rentals and catering or check their approved vendors on the vendor page. 


What Is Considered The Main Line?

The Main Line is a group of suburbs in Western Philadelphia along the “main line” of the former Pennsylvania railroad. Some couples want a Main Line wedding because the towns in this area are known for their beauty and famous attractions. 

If you’re in Pennsylvania, you can check different Main Line weddings in case you find one that suits the dream wedding you have in mind. There are 16 communities on the Main Line in Montgomery, Delaware, and Chester counties. 


Why Is It Called The Main Line In Philadelphia?

The Main Line in Philadelphia is so-called because it was the first railroad in Pennsylvania. It was built around the beginning of the 1850s, and many of the towns were founded by prominent families in Philadelphia that always used the railroad. 


How Much Does A Wedding In Philly Cost?

According to 2021 statistics, the average cost of a wedding in PA is around $24,763. Keep this in mind if you’re considering a Main Line wedding. 

Some venues have also listed their venue fee on the website. But of course, check the details as there might be additional costs. 

You should also compare if you can save more by using the venue’s vendors or bringing outside vendors. You might cut costs if you get the on-site caterer, for example. 


How Much Is A Court Wedding In PA?

A civil wedding is cheaper than a traditional wedding. And if you’re planning on a court wedding in Pennsylvania, accomplish the cost of the marriage license. 

You will pay $80 cash when you apply for the Pennsylvania marriage license. There is also an additional fee for divorced individuals. 

Then for the civil ceremony, the fees vary. You can contact the District Justice or a Magistrate. 

Read what do you need for a courthouse wedding for more details. 


How Can I Get Married In PA Without An Officiant?

One of the best reasons to consider Pennsylvania for weddings is you can get married without an officiant. Pennsylvania is among the states where you can have a Quaker or self-uniting ceremony. 

This means you can get married without an ordained officiant and officiate the wedding yourself. However, you’ll need two witnesses over 18 years old that will also sign your marriage license to ensure the validity of the union.  

Read what is a Quaker wedding for a more in-depth discussion. 


Can You Get Married The Same Day In Pennsylvania?

It will take three days before you can pick up or receive your Pennsylvania marriage license in the mail. Therefore, a same-day wedding is not possible. 

It’s also worth noting that the license is only valid for 60 days, so plan your wedding date accordingly. Book your venue in PA early to avoid issues with the schedule. 



And that’s it! You just learned what is a Main Line wedding, which is a wedding in any Main Line venue. 

There are many venues to choose from on the Main Line, which is so-called because they are the suburbs along the “main line” of the former Pennsylvania railroad. And for those who want to get married in PA, you can even do so without a wedding officiant. 

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