Furniture Curiosities 101: What Is A Lift Chair?

You might talk to someone who asks you “what is a lift chair”, but you don’t know what it is. Lift chairs help people who have trouble standing up from a seated position. These are quite similar to reclining chairs, where the only difference is the added features.


Lift Chairs

These chairs are pieces of medical equipment similar to reclining chairs. These chairs help the patient stand back up without difficulty with a powerful lifting system to tilt the chair’s back and base. Lift chairs have buttons to control the movement according to their user’s necessity.


Lift chair beneficiaries

People who are having difficulties standing up can benefit from the help of lift chairs. Aside from that, there are more benefits beyond the mentioned assistance that this chair gives. You can assure faster recovery — especially for people who underwent mastectomies, amputation, congestive heart failure, cesarean sections, hysterectomy, and many more.

Some also have difficulties sleeping in a bed comfortably because they can’t find the proper position to sleep. They choose lift chairs because some types of this chair allow the user to lay flat.


Types of lift chairs

Here are the specific lift chair types you can look into.


1. Heavy-duty

Heavy-duty lift chairs provide senior comfortability and long-lasting usage. The elimination of the space between the end and footrest of the chair offers safety for the user. This chair also allows different sizes to ensure the best option for you.


2. Petite

Little lift chairs allow you to save space as it is excellent with small areas in your home. It offers you plenty of comfort with the paddings that this chair has. This type of lift chair also comes in various sizes to keep the users safe from accidents while getting out of the chair.


3. Infinite position

The infinite lift chair has two motors built inside of it to control the scissoring mechanism. One of the motors holds the bottom part of the chair, which makes it move up and down. On the other hand, the second motor controls the chair’s back, allowing it to recline further.


4. Twilight position

Twilight lift chairs bring zero-gravity positions to a whole new level. Your body would be cradling with this chair to give you the relaxation that you need.


5. Zero-gravity position

They made the position of this lift chair to aid in removing the pressure on your body. After a day, your body will decompress by gliding to a pressure-free comfort.


6. 2 position lift chair

This chair has a wall-hugging design that will allow you to push it up against the wall, saving space in your home without modifying it. This chair also operates quietly, you wouldn’t hear the whirring of the motor, and it gives a nice pace in terms of movement.


7. 3 position lift chair

For seniors who get in and out of a chair often, you must get this lift chair. You may set the position in the most comfortable way to make getting in and out easy.


Weight limit

Lift chairs use motors to move them to the position that the user is comfortable with, but there is a factor that may affect the quality performance of these motors. It would be best if you look for a lift chair that can support your overall body weight. Being too heavy for a lift chair may cause damage to the motors and may cause discomfort or accident.


Right Lift Chair For You

Before you go looking for lift chairs, you must first ask your doctor for advice on the best option for you. You may also check if your insurance company covers the purchase of a lift chair since you would need it for your immediate recovery. After that, you must consider what benefits you would be getting from having a lift chair.


1. Upholstery

Check the fabric used in the lift chair if it will be comfortable for you. If you sweat a lot, you must not pick chairs with leather fabric. Check if the material would be easy to clean once it gets dirty from usage.


2. Spacing

If your lift chair reclines a lot, it would mean that you would need ample space for it in your home. The area in front meant for the footrest and behind the lift chair when it reclines are the rooms you need to account for movement.


3. Types

There are a lot of types of lift chairs, as mentioned earlier in the article. Consider what you are diagnosed with before choosing the appropriate lift chair for you. People with poor circulation need the infinite position lift chair since they can lay down with their feet higher than their head required for their recovery.



When people get older, they may age in their home, which means they need equipment that can help them be comfortable. It is better if you already know what is a lift chair at a younger age than seniors. You will be able to help your grandparents, your parents, and any seniors when they need to have a lift chair of their own.

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