What Is A Lift Chair Recliner: Awesome Facts To Know!

Do you have a question in your mind about what is a lift chair recliner? Well, we are here to tell you what a lift chair recliner is. Unlike any other recliner chair, a lift chair recliner has a unique function beneficial to people with health conditions.

If you want us to feed your curiosity about lift chair recliners, continue reading this article. We will introduce amazing facts that you need to know about them!

what is a lift chair recliner


The Lift Chair Recliner

A lift chair recliner is a chair powered mechanically. You can tilt the base backward if you want to rest your back, and you can also go back into an upright position if you’re going to stand up.

Unlike an ordinary recliner chair that we usually use manually, a lift chair recliner has push buttons and remotes that you can operate to tilt the chair. In this way, you can easily adjust the tilt of your chair without having to pull up any lever or such.


What Are The Different Types Of Lift Chair Recliners?

Lift chair recliners come in various types. They differ in their mechanism, the amount of how much they can recline, and the footrest position. Here, we listed these types and differentiated them.


Two-position lift chairs

A two-position lift chair allows you to recline up to 45 degrees. This position is best for watching television and reading.


Three-position lift chairs

You can recline up to an upright position or an almost flat position in a three-position lift chair. You can also stop the chair at any degree that you think is suitable for you. This position is good for taking a nap, watching television, and reading.


Infinite lift chairs

Infinite lift chairs are also known as full recline chairs or zero gravity recliners. This type of lift chair recliner allows you to recline your chair to a fully flat position, with the backrest parallel to the floor.  You can also tilt the chair into a situation where your feet are above your head or heart, usually called the Trendelenburg position.


What Are The Features Of A Lift Chair Recliner?

When choosing a lift chair recliner that is suitable for you, there are different features that you need to consider. These are the following:



A lift chair recliner has hand controls, usually near the armrests on the chair’s right, which enable you to tilt your chair either upward or downward. You are free to decide on how much you want to recline your chair.

Additional functions on some lift chair recliners are turning the heat on or the massage option. Some chairs also have program options in which the recliner can remember your preferred angle when reading, watching, or taking a nap. In this way, you only need to push the buttons, and the lift chair recliner will move on its own to your desired angle.



Choosing which backrest you would prefer contributes to matching the theme of your home to your furniture. It allows you to pick your desired appearance and ensure the firmness of your lift chair recliner.

There are various backrests, such as the pillow back, button back, and split back lift chair recliners. Pillow back chairs are usually stylish and luxurious, while button back chairs are firmer. Some other types of backrests lie between the firm and appearance levels.


What Are The Benefits Of Lift Chair Recliners?

If you are looking for a chair that can assist you in various medical matters, a lift chair recliner is the best for you. It increases your mobility, corrects your posture due to the flexible seat options, and helps you to relieve your arthritis, sore joints, and back pain.

Since lift chair recliners also allow you to elevate your legs, you can have better blood circulation and lower pressure. Moreover, it can also help you in reducing swelling.

If you have someone in your home who uses wheelchairs, you can also buy a lift chair recliner. In this way, you will have no difficulties transferring them to the lift chair or the wheelchair. Since you can recline a lift chair recliner to an upright position, they can stand up with ease.


How Much Does A Lift Chair Recliner Cost?

Lift chair recliners may cost differently depending on the features and the types. Among the three types of lift chair recliners, two-position lift chairs are the most affordable ones. Their cost usually starts at $600.

On the other hand, three-position lift chairs are a little bit more expensive. You can buy one for $650.

Lastly, infinite lift chairs are the costliest lift chair recliners because they have the broadest reclining range. You can buy an infinite lift chair for $1,100.

You should note that the prices may vary if there are some additional features to the lift chair recliner. Expect that some will be more costly than others.



Now that you have finally read this guide to what is a lift chair recliner, you can now decide whether you should buy one or not. Lift chair recliners are helpful in so many ways. You can benefit a lot from them, so why not buy one?

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