What Is A Good Size Hobby Greenhouse For You

What is a good size hobby greenhouse? Another great question to discuss! But before anything else, let us find out what the right size hobby greenhouse is and its purposes. 

Many people can find several sellers of the hobby greenhouse in the industry today, and many, aside from adhering to the market standards, they also have features added. 

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Your hobby greenhouse is the subsequent step following the size of the mini greenhouse. Once you feel like growing in the greenhouse, you might want to come up and grow more. Hobby greenhouses can accommodate growing surfaces from 50 to around 400 square feet. 

Hobby greenhouses without ventilation are known as single-vegetation plantations, where you can have the crops grown once per year. The greenhouse also lets the gardener grow larger plants, providing farm-to-fresh vegetables and fruits at home. 

What Is A Good Size For A Greenhouse?

Generally, it depends on what your needs are, so knowing these is necessary to get going with growing in the greenhouse.

The compact space you had had when you started the seeds can triple when you plot up the plants. Greenhouses at 10 inches are usually at the minimum size for gardeners serious to require the greenhouse.

How Small Can A Greenhouse Be?

If you think that the greenhouses are the larger varieties that you see in their most classic forms, then you are probably wrong. Greenhouses can be as small as the mini greenhouse. Mini greenhouses usually have their proper natural draft ventilation, especially when both ends of your greenhouse are opened, creating the so-called tunnel effect.

Take good note that this greenhouse is not designed for all types of gardening, but for those they are great at, and thus, are very handy. Seed starting is among the best strengths of the mini-greenhouses, especially when using them with a single shelf. 

On the other hand, the multiple shelving units should be positioned in ideal locations to prevent shading the seedlings you are growing. They are also immensely useful when cloning plants already in the landscape, with plastic covers being able to trap humidity, making these more likely to cut or graft the plants successfully. 

What Is The Best Roof Pitch For A Greenhouse?

Another crucial point to talk about is the best roof to pitch for your greenhouse. It is indeed true that greenhouses require the best roofing. You may partner with roofing companies or ask your greenhouse provider about this.

Take note that the greenhouse roof must have sufficient slope to prevent and avoid dripping condensation and leaks. It is highly recommended to provide your 4:12 roof pitching as your minimum. The lean-to greenhouse that extends up to six inches from your house requires a minimum of eight inches high, with an additional four inches for every additional footing for the greenhouse that extends toward the structure’s wall.

There are several types of roof pitches for a greenhouse:


Greenhouses of the lean-to-tropic models are nestled beneath your structure’s eaves, built on 32-inch high wood base walls of the Sturdi-Built type. Ensure that there should be sufficient room underneath the overhang of the roof for the greenhouse roof vents to totally open.

Garden Sunroom

On the right side, the location has several available heights. With the Garden Sunroom, it is set on the 18-inch concrete base wall, and because the base does not have vents built alongside it, you may add the louvered window for more ventilation.

Custom Designed

Greenhouses’ roofing may also be custom-designed and built to fit under the overhanging house’s eaves. For instance, the roofing glass expands just a short distance from the line of the roof toward special glass walls made to fill in under the roofing space. 

Do Greenhouses Need To Be Airtight?

Such an excellent thought to discuss, and when you ask about whether greenhouses require to be airtight, the answer is quite fascinating. 

The resounding yes answer on greenhouses being airtight should be taken note of. Greenhouses must be able to keep the heat in, especially in the colder months and at night. Nevertheless, vents are necessary to let in the fresh air and see if temperatures rise so high during the summer season.

Does A Greenhouse Add Value To A House?

Definitely! Adding an intricately-designed greenhouse will certainly add value to your homes. Adding value to homes with greenhouses will increase its percentage by up to 11 percent, coming in with the most sophisticated design. 

Whether this is the monetary value when it comes to the point of selling, the greenhouse is beautiful to a market that’s passionate about taking care of plantations.


Prior to having your greenhouse, carefully manage the advantages and disadvantages when having the greenhouse right to your property. Should you decide to push through, consulting with engineers or providers of the greenhouses must be done. There are greenhouses ready-made, and will only be installed in your property. 

May you have fruitful gardening ahead of you. The farm-to-fresh fruits and vegetables are waiting to get served for your family and friends. What is a good size hobby greenhouse? Growing the crops from the greenhouse involves considering whether you should have the mini-greenhouse or the hobby greenhouse.

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