What Is A Good Cake Cutting Song For A Wedding

If you want ideas on what is a good cake cutting song for a wedding, here are 10 of the most popular and beloved wedding cake cutting songs. They vary in tunes and lyrics to suit different kinds of couples who want to showcase their personality during their wedding cake cutting. 

And speaking of cake cutting, do you know when to cut the cake at a wedding? Feel free to give that a quick read as well. 

what is a good cake cutting song for a wedding


What Is A Good Cake Cutting Song For A Wedding And How To Choose

Here are the best ten songs you can play during your wedding cake cutting. We’ve included some of their lyrics to give you an idea if they would suit the vibe you want when you cut the wedding cake. 


  • How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved by You) by James Taylor

With lyrics like “How sweet it is to be loved by you, feels so fine, how sweet it is to be loved by you…”, this classic song by James Taylor can accompany your wedding cake cutting. You will surely have guests singing along as you and your partner take your first slice. 


  • Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond

A good cake cutting song is Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. It’s a beloved feel-good song, and who wouldn’t want to have a livelier cake cutting at the reception as Neil sings, “Sweet Caroline…Good times never seemed so good…”?


  • Sugar Sugar by The Archies

One of the sweetest traditions at the reception can have Sugar Sugar by The Archies in the background. “Sugar, Oh, honey, honey…You are my candy girl…And you got me wanting you” as guests clap and celebrate with the newlyweds’ first slice. 


  • I Can’t Help Myself by Four Tops

Among the best cake cutting songs is the song by Four Tops entitled I Can’t Help Myself which goes like “Sugarpie honeybunch, you know that I love you, I can’t help myself…I love you and nobody else…” Its sweet lyrics suit the wedding tradition meant to commemorate the bride and groom’s first activity as a married couple. 


  • Pour Some Sugar On Me by Def Leppard

The reason behind the tradition of wedding cake cutting is to commemorate the couple’s first married activity. And what better cake cutting song to accompany it than a classic which goes like, “Pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love…Pour some sugar on me, c’mon, fire me up…”?


  • Sugar by Maroon 5

For younger couples who love Maroon 5, it would be a shame not to use Sugar as their cake cutting song. Even the band’s music video for this song is at a wedding!


  • Love On Top by Beyonce

What makes the best wedding cake cutting songs is not just their sweet lyrics and tunes. The best cake cutting songs should set the tone for the dancing that will happen after, so why not play the classic Love on Top by Queen B herself?


  • Marry You by Bruno Mars

While wedding cake cutting songs don’t have to be literally about marriage, some songs are too sweet not to consider. Imagine cutting your wedding cake with the love of your life as Bruno Mars goes, “Is it the look in your eyes or is it this dancing juice? Who cares baby… I think I wanna marry you…”


  • Love Never Felt So Good by Michael Jackson

You know your reception will always have guests dancing if your night’s playlist has some King of Pop. And if you want a good cake cutting song to accompany your first slice, listen to Love Never Felt So Good. 


  • Happy Together by The Turtles

Wedding cake cutting songs are not limited to songs that can jumpstart the guests’ dancing. It can also be something sweet and romantic like Happy Together, saying, “I can’t see me lovin’ nobody but you, for all my life…When you’re with me, baby the skies’ll be blue…”


What Song Do You Cut Cake To At Wedding?

Choosing wedding cake cutting songs is up to the couple, and there are no set standards to follow. However, here are some considerations if you can’t decide:

  • Make sure that both of you enjoy whatever you’ll pick for the cake cutting
  • Pick a sentimental song for the wedding cake cutting
  • Select cake cutting songs that are upbeat and fun since the dancing will happen afterward
  • You can opt for wedding cake cutting songs that are literally talking about marriage, the wedding, or even a metaphor for love as a dessert
  • Check the lyrics of the song you choose to know if it fits the vibe you want for your reception 
  • The best cake cutting songs should be less than five minutes long like the cake cutting itself


Do You Play Music While Cutting Wedding Cake?

You play music during cake cutting as it sets the mood at the venue. Music also influences how the audience feels, and it can ease the nerves of whoever is up front.

And if you’re curious about who cuts the cake at a wedding, feel free to read our separate discussion. 



And that’s it! You have ten ideas on what is a good cake cutting song for a wedding.

But you can generally pick whatever song you and your partner want. Just remember that it should be upbeat and as long as the cake cutting event itself. 

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