What Is A Gel Mattress Topper: Everything To Know

If you want to know what is a gel mattress topper, we will discuss the three main types in this article. You’re probably familiar with the gel mattress topper that is a topper infused with gel granules. However, there are also two other types which are the gel foam and gel swirl mattress topper. 

By the end of this article, you can decide if you must get a gel mattress topper. We will also compare gel with memory foam mattress toppers. So without further ado, let’s get started!

what is a gel mattress topper


What Is A Gel Mattress Topper And Should You Get One?

A gel mattress topper is typically a foam mattress topper with gel beads, gel layer, or even gel swirls. These types of gel materials distinguish different types of gel mattress toppers. The gel beads and gel swirls are infused within the foam during the manufacturing process, while the gel layer is placed either at the top or the bottom of the mattress. 


Gel-infused mattress topper

Perhaps the most common gel mattress topper is the gel-infused mattress topper. Manufacturers mix gel beads or granules within the foam mattress topper. This type of gel mattress topper is ideal for sleepers that require a firm sleeping surface because the gel-infused foam is the firmest among the other gel mattress toppers.


Gel foam mattress topper

One of the best memory foam mattress toppers for hip pain is memory foam. But because memory foam retains heat, those who sleep hot can feel uncomfortable in a memory foam bed. Brands solve this issue by using a gel foam mattress topper with an upper or lower gel layer compared to a gel-infused mattress topper that uses gel granules.  


Gel swirl mattress topper

From the name itself, a gel swirl mattress topper is a foam with gel swirls. This is in comparison with a gel-infused mattress topper with smaller gel particles dispersed throughout the material. Manufacturers add gel swirls in their foam toppers to help with temperature regulation as well. 


What Does A Gel Mattress Topper Do?

A gel mattress topper works the same way as a traditional mattress topper. This means you can select the ideal thickness and firmness to enhance your overall sleeping experience with your existing mattress. In addition, however, one would get a gel mattress topper if they want a cooling surface and better temperature regulation. 

Gel mattress toppers use gel beads, swirls, or layers that are phase change materials. These are synthetic chemicals that can transfer your body heat deeply into the bed core to alleviate the discomfort from heat. However, it’s worth noting that gel beads are prone to breaking down as years pass, so longevity is not as consistent as an ordinary foam mattress topper.  


Which is Better: Gel Mattress Topper vs Memory Foam Mattress Topper?

Choosing between a gel mattress topper and a memory foam mattress topper will differ for every individual. We vary in needs and requirements to get the most supportive and comfortable sleep. However, your cooling preference will decide if you think a gel mattress topper is for you because it absorbs and draws heat away from the body. 


Gel mattress topper



  • Costs more than a memory foam mattress topper
  • Some gel beads can degrade over time
  • Heavier than other mattress toppers


Memory foam mattress topper


  • Contouring and conforming uniquely for every user
  • Pressure relief to alleviate body pain
  • Costs lower than gel mattress toppers



Are Gel Mattress Toppers Good For Your Back?

A gel mattress topper would be good for your back if the primary material is memory foam. A gel-infused memory foam mattress topper provides the perfect support and pressure relief for people who experience back pain. In addition, you want a sleeping surface that will conform to your body when you lie down, so you’ll ensure a neutral spine position. 

Memory foam will provide hugging support for people with back pain, while the gel layer or gel infusion will help maintain a cool sleeping surface. However, please remember that back pain is not only treatable with the right mattress topper. You also have to consider how you sleep because your position might contribute to the spine’s discomfort. 


Are Gel Mattress Toppers Soft?

Gel mattress toppers vary in firmness, so you can expect to see both soft and firm models in the market. For example, Brooklyn Bedding has a medium soft gel memory foam mattress topper. There is also a thicker version if you want something plusher. 

A quick tip for finding a soft and cushiony gel mattress topper is to check its firmness level. Soft toppers range from 3 to 5 on the firmness scale. There should be an array of gel-infused foam toppers within this level. 



Do you want a supportive yet cool sleeping surface? To recap this article on what is a gel mattress topper, we discovered that it’s a foam topper with a gel layer or infused with gel beads or swirls. The gel helps with temperature regulation because it draws heat away from the body. 

We hope you learned a lot from us today. If you have more topper-related questions, try our search bar!

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