What Is A French Bed? The Perfect Bed For Both Monsieur and Mademoiselle!

Do not go anywhere. This article will be answering your question, “what is a French bed?”

Dear Monsieur and Mademoiselle, a French bed is a bed that is big. Also, comfy only for a single person; it may also be for two people.

what is a french bed

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The Bed For The Parisian Taste: The French Bed

There are wide selections for an ordinary shopper in buying a bed.

For example, you might choose a comfy, large, or modern one for your room.

However, if your likes are for luxury, the French bed is for you.

A French bed is around 55 inches wide.

This size makes the French bed more extensive than a typical twin-sized bed.

The French bed is traditionally for a single individual.

However, it may be suitable for two people in sharing the luxurious bed.

Also, your bed may be best if you had an interior design inspired by France’s posh hotels.

One French bed might be for your taste if you want an intimate space with your loved one.

A tremendous compliment in having a French bed is a beautiful headboard.

You should have one that is designed with striking elements that exude luxury.

The lovely headboard should have elements like flowers, plants, and other depictions of the surroundings.

You should also select a headboard that has a luxurious color.

Again, the best choice for you may be gold or silver.

By that headboard, you are already the perfect mademoiselle in your bed.

So naturally, therefore, it is best to choose a lovely headboard to radiate royalty and elegance in your bedroom.

Also, French beds should include a canopy.

Unfortunately, this additional feature makes the overall atmosphere of your bedroom expensive.

It would help if you remembered that French beds are in style, but their hardware is top-grade.

A French bed leg is crafted with sophistication.

There are many selections to options.

You will never go wrong from the bottom of the French bed.

Also, a French bed will always be the status of royalty thanks to its bed frame.

The French bed frame is crafted with high-quality wood.

There are also options that you can choose for your bed frame.

French bed frames made out of pine, ash, oak, maple, walnut, beech, and metal alloys are available for your taste.

In every bedroom, the bed is the center of attention.

With the French bed, by the name of it, you have already gained clout for sleeping in it.

Adding elegance and sophistication to your bedroom are the benefits that the French bed can bring to its sovereign.

Also, a French bed can serve as eye candy for anyone who goes to your room.

You can see your bed be displayed in the halls of the Louvre.

Indeed, the French bed will never disappoint its master.

The elegance, size, and appearance of it make you more than contented being a regular sleeper.


What Are The Available Sizes Of A French Bed?

A striking characteristic of the French bed comes in many options.

This option includes the sizes.

Jonathan Prichard divides the French bed sizes into four groups.


Size #1. The classic single

The single French bed is perfect for those small spaces.

This bed is 35 inches wide and 75 to 79 inches long.

Lastly, the single-sized bed is the smallest among the four.


Size #2. The double for doubles

A double French bed is a starter size for those who want to sleep with a partner.

This size is 55 inches wide and 75 to 79 inches long.

This double French bed and the single one are the same in their lengths.

Take note of that.


Size #3. The French queen

The French queen bed or large double is a more comprehensive derivative of the previous two sizes.

With the same length, it measures 63 inches wide.

This size makes the sleeper, together with a partner, more comfortable.


Size #4. The French king

This last size will make you sleep like the legendary French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

It is 71 inches wide, perfect for having a spacious sleeping area.

The French king bed length is also the same as the four sizes mentioned above.

Overall, these beds are exclusive for everyone who wants extravagance while they are sleeping.

So, get your French bed now and sleep like a royal.

That is all you need to know for “what is a French bed?”


Finishing Things Up!


You already know what is a French bed.

It is a bed that measures about 55 inches wide.

It is typically big and comfy for a single person.

The bed can also be shared by a couple generously.

There are also four available sizes of the French bed: French single, double, queen, and king.

You are free to choose in any of the sizes according to your taste.

Read what are platform beds for more information.

I hope this article was helpful.

Thank you very much for reading!

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